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Originally Posted by SEOhioPrepper View Post
I was a bit taken aback this morning that Trump announced the virus is under control in the U.S. when it clearly isn't and it is in 49 states and crowing daily. I felt his statement today was telling me he is out of touch with reality ..... He doesn't shop or live with the local people like we do.
We have much better control of the situation than many other countries. How would you like to be living in Italy?

Trump is trying to downplay the hysteria being drummed up by the media. He also took immediate action, such as banning all flights from China and infected countries. That dramatically lowered our risk, even though Biden is calling it a racist act.

30,000 to 40,000 Americans die from the regular flu bugs each year. Compare that to the coronavirus. Yeah, we need to be concerned and not do stupid things that pass the virus to ourselves and others, but thus far in the greater scheme of things the coronavirus is a minor player in the USA.

It is very possible that this thing could die off in April or May, along with other winter viruses. I suspect it will be back next year for a second shot at us, but by then we might have a vaccine.
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