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Thanks Off-Grid!

Our family has never done the whole Easter-bunny, Easter eggs thing. It just never felt right along with Santa Claus and all the rest. It's just not been apart of our families traditions.

At the time of year many focus of Christ and His death and burial we have always seen as everyday obedience to Christ not just one day.

We do have a Christmas tree(s), wreaths, decorations around the house inside/out but we don't see those things as worship but rather family tradition much in the same way we have a family get-together on the 4th of July or buying coffee before Church, just a tradition.

However your video does bring up some important points. I 100% agree we as believers have fallen away in some of these paganist practices and incorporated them into Christian worship.

I think many of your points bring balance to a much needed discussion. Thanks for doing this and shedding some light on these subjects.

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