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VPN is a straight safe passage from you to vpn provider and back. You know exactly where the other end of the VPN tunnel is and vice versa. Data between these two points is encrypted, ie. outsiders can't read it.

TOR is a mess of passages that looks like spaghetti and layered like an onion. The other end does not know who you are and cannot verify it. You don't know where the other end is and cannot find it with "conventional" means.

VPN is usable, if you want to use public wifi and there is possibility that someone is trying to sniff passwords at the same time. Also VPN is used to connect from home to office, to use company data.

TOR hides pretty much everything you do (until you hit a honeypot). Tor-websites you visit cannot identify you and you cannot know where they actually are, traffic between you two is routed thru multiple ways. Pretty handy if you are buying or dealing drugs or other illegal stuff.
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