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Default incredible thick questions on cyber security

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I am a dinosaur when it comes to the computer and its witchcraft workings. other than a sabretooth tiger fur jacket i am as far backwards as you can get.

I want to ask a couple of dumb questions just to confirm my own studies please

Start with Tor onion,
Once installed and one the computer, the best way to describe it to a thick idiot like me is at my end of the computer chain. I am in a rabbit hole burrow. i go in at one hole as one vpn name and number from my computer but when i come out the other end i have changed the computers name and number. A bit over simplified but there abouts.

Once out of the rabbit hole i can open and read emails on msn and the like, facebook and insta and forums like this too, as long as i know the pass words and email accounts. But the vpn has changed.

Thats about right yes??

Digital pictures next,
I am told that digital pictures carry loads of data with them.
How do i kill all the digital information that comes with it. if i use an old digital camera, it does not log any information and coordinates ect. but if i upload the photo into my computer the computer logs the details of cooridinates and date and time details automatically.

how do i sterilise digital pictures

last one is mobile phones;
if i get an old phone with no internet and digital anything just phones and texts, it can be government followed via the cell towers its connected too, but cant be found past that point once turned off. i realise when its next switched on it will reconnect again to the towers and its position logged again.