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We had a great little female, about 50 lbs. We fostered a litter for rescue thinking she would be great help training them. We brought them home and she took one look and looked at us like "are you crazy????" She than went about halfway back to the fence (acre lot) and sat down with her back to us for the rest of the day! She totally ignored the puppies until we opened the pen they were in. As they wandered the yard they got about 15 feet from the neighbors fence with the rott and she got up and ran to the puppies and herded them back toward us. For about two weeks she only interacted with them when she felt we were too stupid to watch them!!!! After that she "forgave" us and started playing with them. She was a great teacher from that point on. As there were 7 of them she had lots of growling, light nipping sessions!
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