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Default Got a pair of new Doberman pups...

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Some things I 'forgot':

They pee a LOT, They poop a LOT, They chew on things a lot, There can be 20 identical balls on the ground and they will still choose to fight over 'one' of them instead of each getting their own, They poop a LOT.

Some things that are familiar:

They learn fast, They love having a semi-regular routine and schedule, It takes no longer to take a pair potty than it does one, It takes no longer to take a pair to the vet than it does one, A pair will 'entertain' each other and burn energy with less work on the part of the owner (other than supervision of course), A pair can help each other learn some things.

Guessing I have about a year to a year and a half of training before they are 'right' - Possibly less depending on how much they pick up from the older / adult female Doberman that was / is already living here.

My existing adult has not really 'made buddies' with the new puppies yet but has definitely become very protective of them. Watches them and the yard like a hawk when they are all outside. Quick to warn any strangers coming near to 'not' come near.

This is going to be fun!
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