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Originally Posted by lionatheart View Post
I always thought wool was warmer than fleece, now I'm hearing fleece is warmer than wool. I know wool insulates even when wet, but does fleece insulate when wet?

Whats your opinion, wool or fleece?
In my experience, fleece will insulate you while wet if you're exerting yourself. But not if you're just sitting around. "warm" is a subjective term, and you should test for yourself which one is warmer!

I used a poly-fiber fleece PT cap for PT in the Army, and used a wool watch cap for hiking/camping when I got out. I thought that the fleece was warmer when it wasn't wet, but not by any significant ammount. In my experience, wool takes a good 30 minutes to warm up the hollow fibers with your body heat, whereas the poly-fibers will warm up instantly. That may be why some people think that fleece is warmer than wool.

What I *LOVE* about wool is that I don't ever have to worry about being wet in it. I can sweat all day while I'm hiking, and the wool will absorb it so that I don't feel wet, and, even if the wool is wet, it will still insulate.

On an insulative note, I've slept under wet wool blankets and they DO insulate while wet, but they're also still extremely breathable, allowing even the slightest wind to rob your precious body heat! If you want wool to effectively insulate you while you're sedentary and wet, I find that you need a windshield of some kind, like a goretex or a poncho or a tarp, or even a thicket brush or big rock.
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