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One thing, Iíd use it for would be a cordless soldering iron or gun. It would have the power, and some of the solder type connectors go in the dampest places. But otherwise, not terabally useful. You could get some use out of a 12v regulated output. I built one at work out of a broken dewalt sawsall to run a red LED flasher on the back of a long load. Build the prototype at work, and saved enough parts to do one at home.

BTW, you canít carry lithium batts as checked baggage., so I had a intern build a 2 battery, 12 battery, a 24 battery carrying case. Using a hot wire band saw. Filled with 3 Ah batteries, thereís some serious power there.

Only problem is she took the bandsaw back to her sorority, and doesnít want to give it up.
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