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Originally Posted by cook View Post
I have several inverters and 12v batterys,this is just a small alternative..buck up to a back up.
I hear what you're saying, and perhaps it is my imagination that is the limiting factor... but what do you envision this being used for?

18V x 4 amp battery pack = 72 WH assuming no losses within the device. The inverter is also limited to proprietary batteries and in in a pinch, those batteries may be more useful working other things in the ryobi lineup like a drill, radio, saw, flashlight... which brings us back to the point of what will it power that ryobi doesn't already have in it's lineup?

I see this as a glorified battery charger for phones etc... which for a similar price one would do better purchasing a 1000w lithium jump starter which has 1000 watts available, and for an extra $10, buy a 140w inverter on ebay, and you have a better, more useful, more versitalie backup to the backup.

I agree that it's a neat toy to add to the collection of yellow in the garage if you got money looking to be spent, but I see this more as a gimmick, or spontaneous purchase and not something of with any real usefulness.

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