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Originally Posted by cook View Post
Maybe not the best deal,but I'm happy,ain't going to fun to play with it and see what it will power..that gives me 13 batteries and 5 chargers now.
Based on the numbers you will not be able to power much of anything. But if you are happy and having fun experimenting with the new addition to your Ryobi arsenal that is a good reason as any to own it.

Back a long time ago, after being impressed with a battery powered drill as its usefulness in a variety of construction tasks, I spotted a combination kit of drill, jigsaw, sander that really looked neat and I bought it. I found that I never used the jig saw and sander attachments since the battery could not power them long enough to do anything I needed to do. Hanged on to them for a long time before I simply ending up chucking them out. Seemed a shame.
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