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Default common household items under 150 watts?

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Just a few minutes ago I saw an ad for a Ryobi sine wave invertor that works on the 18v plus 1 series of batteries.150 watts max,with usb outlets also,79.99$

I have a bunch of their products and batterys,and happy with them.Maybe not the "best",but its nice to have just 1 system.I also have a small solar system ,battery bank system,invertors and 3 generators.

This might be handy for when you don't want to mess with all that,or to keep in the car.

Just trying to think of what I can run off it.Looking around the house,it could recharge most electronics,run a fan,tv,light,wi-fi,router,radio,laptop,maybe even security camera.

Just trying to justify it,seems like it could be handy when you don't want to run an extention cord,pretty compact,and I already have 11 of the batterys.
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