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Personally I'd avoid Machetes, they are a one-trick-pony.

Malaysian Parangs or Nepalese Kukris are just as good choppers (if not better) and the blades are more versatile. Both of them are designed to deliver the "sweet spot" of the blade at an oblique angle providing better cutting. The Kukri is also a good stabber and carver as well. I'm not sure if the parang can be used that way

Oh - and avoid the cheap Cold Steel stuff. Their expensive stuff is meant to be OK, but the cheap stuff is just sheet metal with an edge put on it.

I'm not kidding.

I bought my kukri from Tora Blades. They get their stuff in batches from the craftsmen in Nepal who they deal with, so they go for long periods with a lot of stuff out of stock. But the level of quality is worth waiting for.

EDIT - Oh and this Tibetan Kukri looks good for lots of chopping. It has a 14" blade. I wouldn't be afraid to wonder off into the woods if I had one of those by my side and some firesteel in my pocket ..... well, and a few other things but you get the idea.

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