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Originally Posted by Offrink View Post
Itís the 5.25 comp model. I was pushing it a little with 11.2 grains of blue dot with a speer 180 grain tmj-fp. I worked up from 10 with 0.3 grain increments and i felt it a little at 10.9 and more at 11.2. Stopped there after a 5 round string and all loads shot quite well. All the talk about how hard it is to control and the FBI stopped using it due to its recoil was way overblown. It was way easier to shoot than even a mild 44 mag super blackhawk.
The fact it was easy for you isn't an indication of how well it works for the FBI since their firearms need to fit a wide variety of people if they are going to be "standard issue" weapons.

That includes many females and others with smaller hands.
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