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Originally Posted by sonya1 View Post
I don't think birth control and woman not wanting to have 10 kids is "short term" , unless we turn into a islamic terrorist country where women have no rights at all and are forced to reproduce
Again currently this is a short term issue and only in some countries. As you stated ****hole countries are still experiencing population growth. There is no reason to limit the market to just one or two or a handful of countries. There is no reason not to expand the market for whatever product into other countries.

Originally Posted by sonya1 View Post
And I hope you are not talking about ME not succeeding in this country ?! I was a licensed civil engineer for 20 years before I became a farmer....
one of my kids is in the Navy, the other one working on a engineering degree
But I have known people personally that had a hard time finding a decent paying job WITH a degree. Getting the job I had , husband getting his was very very hard, and we are both above average intelligence. Some of it was just luck, being in the right place at the right time, talking to the right people which led to intern jobs during college, which got us permanent jobs. Not everyone managed to do that. I know at least 2 people that graduated with us with engineering degrees that ended up in mediocre paying sales jobs not even related to anything technical.
It seems you missed that I was referencing a statement I had made. I'll repeat it in a more formal use of the English language. If all one does is look for reasons a task can't be completed, then the task can't and won't be completed. If one looks for reasons why a task can be completed, it will be completed over the objections of those who say it can't be done.

You seem to be stuck on the idea that some people just don't have it in them to make or earn the resources to be able to live. In nature those creatures are the ones who die off quickly.

Originally Posted by sonya1 View Post
Some people are just not in good enough physical shape to do certain jobs. My daughter told me when she had her physical to get into the Navy that HALF the people got disqualified right away and could not enlist because they were just not healthy enough. That's terrible! How are these people going to mow lawns all day in typical US 90 degree summer weather?
I think your idea of what the average population in the US can do at this point is very very overoptimistic
No, not everyone can go out and mow lawns. As a matter of fact, I can no longer do it, so I pay someone to do it for me. EVERYONE has a skill, ability, or interest that if practiced and developed would most likely be able to be sold for monetary gain. Many of those skills are low skilled, mundane tasks and many people are willing to pay to have done rather than do it themselves.

My neighbor hires a handyman to do most of the projects around his house. Just about all of the projects can easily be completed by a person with average intellect and ability.

I learned to hang crown moulding from my cabinet guy. He told me cut it upside down. That was the extent of my training. My first project was using $5 per foot moulding when we were broke. I saved a lot on that job. The crown was supposed to be installed by my cabinet guy, but he went out of business before finishing the job. I had custom cabinets installed for about $6k. The terms of the contract stated he received the last half of payment upon completing of the job. He never completed it so he never received the last payment. The bad part was he had less than $300 of work left to complete to receive the other $6k. I had a lot of incentive to not screw up the task, and I didn't. The kitchen was a big selling point on that house. That same house I learned how to apply knockdown texture to my ceiling. The quotes I received for the job were around $1k to do. I did it for less than $50.

My last house I learned how to replace a kitchen and did it myself. I learned from YouTube and looking at how it was installed. I installed it for less than $9k. To have someone do it was about $16k. I learned how to install a paver patio. I paid about $300 for the materials and saved $2k by doing it myself. I recently learned how to repair a soft water system. To pay someone to do it would have cost about $250. It cost me less than $100 and a couple hours of time. All it took was 30 minutes on YouTube.

A buddy of mine liked to fix cars. He would buy cars that didn't work, fix them and sell them for a profit as aside job. Another liked to fix '60s muscle cars. As a hobby he buys trashed cars and fixes them enough to sell for a profit.

On another forum a guy was talking about his retirement business of cleaning HVAC ducts in houses. He said he learned it quickly and is making a good retirement income.

Anybody can learn to clean a toilet and a house. In my area it would cost us $200 to have someone clean all three of our bathrooms and could be completed in about 90 minutes.

These are all things anybody can learn. All it takes is a bit of motivation and desire to learn and do them.

Originally Posted by sonya1 View Post
besides, where did I ever defend socialism!?? My comment was that the way the current US capitalist system works sucks also, that;s all. You can't argue that way, not all is awesome in the US economy, considering the debt is sky high and half the people are on welfare
Where did I ever criticize you for defending socialism? You are criticizing the American economy. I agree that there is a lot to criticize. The ironic thing is most of the problems with the US economy are due to the socialistic programs and policies that have been implemented. They have stifled the free market economy to the point where many now think it is impossible to earn a decent living.

Even though you are justifiably criticizing the bad portions of the economy, you seem to be taking a position that the answer to the bad parts of the economy are more of what is making the economy bad. You seem to be taking the position that a lot people can't earn money so they have to suck off government programs. I am taking the opposite position that most people can earn a decent wage, if they would go out and try. If they would learn the skills that are in demand. Many of those skills don't require a formal college education. Many of the skills in demand right now are skills that a person can learn relatively quickly.

We have people who are complaining that the $15 minimum wage is cutting into their government benefits, so they need to work less than 40 hours per week so they don't lose benefits. We have people complaining that no skill entry level jobs do not pay enough to live on. These jobs were not meant to live on. They were meant for beginning workers to learn skills and a work ethic that would lead to higher wages in the future. People are not expected to stay in these jobs their entire life.

When I first stared working I had a job that was 12 hour days 6 days a week. I made just enough to not make it to the end of the month every month. It wasn't long before I realized I needed to make a change. I did. Less than 20 years later I had developed my skills and abilities enough so that I could afford to send my youngest child to one of the best private schools in the area. I drove higher end vehicles. I was able to put a good amount of money away for a rainy day and for retirement. So don't tell me it can't be done.