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Originally Posted by loki81 View Post
.....just shut up and quit crapping on this guys thread, you've said your piece and alot of people here don't seem to agree with you, you're obviously not going to change any minds, so dry up and move on already......

let's get back to thanking OP for the leads on the ammo and helping fellow forum members stock up and get back out there and do some shooting.
The guy that posted above says there is plenty of ammo available on gunbroker. Everyone knows cabelas has a one box limit. There are no secrets being let out if the box on this thread......just people trying to hoard ammo by trying to "trick" cabelas ordering system into selling them more than their policy allows.

Which contributes to the problem of finding ammo at descent prices. Once these guys do find it they try to buy it all......leaving none for the average joe.

No ones crying and no ones crapping. Just stating the problem that some seem to want to ignore.