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Weird Iran has now flagged what was the Grace1 with the flag of Iran (previously flagged by Panama) and the weird part, they have renamed the ship.. but the name given is the name of another Iranian ship that is a tug boat.............

US meanwhile has put out a federal warrant to be executed by the federal marshall service --- or other authorized law enforcement agency??? (I assume for a a ship named Grace1 not Adarian Darya - and a new crew -- was previous staffed by Indian seamen.... not sure where the new crew is from..... or if there are security personnel included....)

The new name of the ship sounds a bit like Dare ya.

Wonder if the name being the same as another ship was to add confusion???

Question remaining also will Chinese owned ports in Greece allow the ship to dock...

Iran said the tanker would sail to Greece and then to Italy ... (belt and road magic, with the string of Chinese owned and operated ports in Europe... maybe.... since these ports are taking on Iranian oil in bonded storage that doesn't violate the US sanctions on Iran. ) China's ability to subvert US economic controls seems part of the larger game.


COSCO is the purchaser of the tanker, as well it owns Piraeus. So this whole thing may be anotehr side story to the Ongoing US CHINA trade war... and specifically the belt and road and China's relationship with EUROPE.. and more specifically US sanctions to COSCO????

COSCO selling us assets...
In fact this ship thing may playout on a global scale... just think what would happen if the US sanctioned COSCO or attempted to seize or freeze COSCO assets in the US.. unimaginable..... this would have massive effect on the US economy and the global economy itself... it would be a major major deal so big, it is hard to imagine the US doing it but if it did... it might really be large enough to change the relationship between china and the US on all trade issues. COSCO operates close to 500 ships globally.

Importantly understanding the movement of Oil
A Chinese businessman who opened a company in Iran told the Global Times on condition of anonymity that the sanctions have an impact on Chinese companies in Iran, especially state-owned enterprises (SOEs) such as China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Sinopec and Cosco Shipping.

"Most SOEs signed a 'pay back' contract with the Iranian government, which states that Chinese firms invest and construct projects in Iran and Iran repay the investment in the form of petroleum exports.

HOWEVER,... the new element is that the US has said it is not a matter of violating oil sanctions on Iran but rather now dealing with the tanker is providing material support to Terrorism because some yet unknown link to the IRGC and the tanker, in that the tanker/the oil is considered material support for the IRGC... and thus anyone who allows the ship to dock will be sanctioned by the US for providing material support to terrorism.. CRAZY. I want to see what the link is between this ship and the IRGC, can't find it myself.

THUS since the ship wasn't violating oil sanctions.... the US how now used the designation of the IRGC as a terrorist organizationto somehow link that this tanker, since it is linked to the government of Iran is also providing material support for the IRGC.. this creates a very murky situation for any Iranian government thing that generates income, as now it could be seen as providing material support for terrorism.... very odd.. basically they have seeminly said everything Iran does is now supporting terrorism so anyone dealing with Iran can be subject to sanctions for providing material support to terrorism. I think this may be a stretch of terror designation as Iran is a state not a terrorist organization... should just be assumed be war measures. BEAR IN MIND, the ship is privately owned not owned bythe Iranian government, and there is no known link between the Dubai based business that owns it and the Iranian government and IRGC.. but not saying it doesn't exist, just not sure what the link is beyond some of the upper management being iranian (not everyone is Iranian in the businessbut operations and management are, but there is no known link to the IRGC at this point other than one of hte managers having the same last name as the former head of the IRGC.. no known relationship between the two)

Also if the new crew is manned from Libyan and African migrants, will the ship be sunk by the Italian Coastguard

I'm sure Europe is looking at that tanker like a cokehead does a line of coke.

Kashmir escalates....