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Originally Posted by shibbershabber View Post
I got a used one for $80 and it worked 100%

I put over 500 rounds of Wolf and other cheap, dirty ammo through it, and I never even cleaned it. Like I said... worked %100

The pistols are probably okay too, but I wouldnt want to be seen with one. The carbine is a good piece, expecially for the price.

BTW, mine was a 9mm

They make them in 40 too and I think maybe 45. Although if they dont make a 45, it would be a big seller if they made it take 1911 mags!
I've got a .45. Ugly, heavy, reliable. They'll accept 1911 mags with a little tweaking. The 1911 mag shortens the gun up about 5/8" but it is still about as concealable as a 10 ga. Marlin Long Tom.
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