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wow! Thanks for the prompt reply guys! The idea that my wife wouldn't feel comfortable with the 20 gauge has crossed my mind before. Also; the idea of having another 12 gauge seems like a smart move b/c then I'm not buying 2 different rounds, I can just stockpile even more 12 gauge. As of now, I'm leaning towards the 500. I love the 12 gauge and used one overseas. The primary reason I lean towards the 500 vs the remington 870 is; the ambidextrious handling of the gun. I'm cross eyed dominance, but my wife is not. When I get the chance to shoot; I love shooting off hand for practice too. i've looked at the marlin 795, because I like the last round hold open feature and don't plan on making my 10/22 a m410/22. Thanks again!!