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Originally Posted by Optimist View Post
One thing nobody's touched on yet is keeping the structure dry inside. That may or may not be a big thing where you are looking at locating, but hydrology is going to dictate what you can do where you are wanting to do it.

Right. And most of this has to do with insulation to avoid rapid temperature changes resulting in condensation. The insulation will need to be on the outside of the shelter to work as a buffer. This will also keep the surrounding ground temperatures from leeching warmth from your bunker if you heat it.

Drainage is another issue. Surrounding the area outside the buffer zone with 3/4" gravel not only creates an air gap, but allows drainage which can be plumbed away with 4" pvc water pipes below the structure (the ones with lots of holes in them). Read up on "Rubble Foundations" it was popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright, but it's been around for thousands of years.

There is a technique that I have not yet tried, but I believe would work wonderfully- and that is you leave some earth or sand directly outside of your bunker, then do your rubble barrier. The earth directly surrounding your bunker will absorb heat, but since it will be isolated from the rest of the earth it will hold and radiate that heat back into the bunker. A steel reinforced earthbag or super adobe structure is what I've had in mind.

I've talked quite a bit about about rammed earth structures I've built, especially the earthship concept pioneered by Mike Reynolds. This basically utilizes the same principle with the exception of passive solar gain (sunlight)

I could go on but work calls. Any questions just shoot and I will clarify to the best of my ability.
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