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Originally Posted by bunkerbulder View Post
Hmm. A decrepit old shack sounds interesting. I'd need to get some 'old' wood from somewhere though, and it's still not fool-proof from curious hikers, especially the photography types. Still - so far it's the best idea.

I like the tunnel idea, I was thinking the same, but what's the point of spending days digging and reinforcing a tunnel if at the end there's still be a shack? Essentially it's the same thing, except more time-consuming, resource-consuming and more uncomfortable to enter it.

Was thinking that as well, but a boulder pile looks peculiar in the middle of the woods, and moving them would leave marks, and hikers passing buy could think of sitting on one and resting or even using it as a windshelter or something like that. They could also notice the marks easier, but could also discover it.

It's not going to be a bunker, I just want a calm place where I could go and relax for a couple of days, but I'm too poor to buy something and building something on the ground attracts way too much attention, so I thought I'd build an underground shelter. It's not going to be completely sealed, there's going to be air in there, and I'm not gonna be burning fires inside. All I'll want is to relax and think, read something, be alone for a day or two every couple of weeks. There's only going to be enough space for a table and a bed, I'm completely fine with that.

Too obvious if it's in the middle of the woods. But as I just mentioned, I'll have no need of that.
To completely answer your questions I would have to know more such as what state or country you are in and if you are in a remote area. The more remote the better and more likely you will "get away" with building a structure on public land.

I infer that you do not own land and that you will be building on a national forest or some kind of public land. It would be Much better if you did own the land or at least could build on a friend or relative's land with their permission.

In the early 1980's I thought much the same as you and many who post and want to camp, live, build in the woods, national forest etc. I learned quickly that it is very difficult to find and keep a safe secret place, especially on land that you do not own. I fortunately found my own land, bought it and since 1987 have been slowly building what I wish and need. And I do like to share my mtn place with a Few good people if they contact me by email or private message before summer.

Plz tell If you do build and how long before a hiker, hunter or public official discovers what you built. And Hope you do not get in trouble or fined or worse for building on "government / public" land. And hope you spend very little money since you will likely not be allowed to stay there Unless it is in a very remote area and no one will harass you....
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