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Originally Posted by w0lfpack91 View Post
Most newer vehicle are shielded from electrical interference naturally as a side effect of an increasingly more computerized society. If you are that worried about a Nuke build a faraday cage and store an extra ECM and other sensitive parts, You can also turn your garage into a faraday cage.

Tests have been done into this area and for the most part 6 out of 10 newer vehicles start right back up after an EMP due to the modern EM shielding modern technology is required to have per the FCC to prevent interference, taking a few extra steps beyond that by keeping replacements for the more sensitive parts in a protective container like a faraday cage and you can minimize down time of a newer vehicle.

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Provide the link to such milspec testing. Hint: there is no such. FCC radio interference standards have no relevance.

Start a GoFundMe. This testing would be excellent project.