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Is a great cartridge.
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Thanks..........The snowhawk is a double lens, intended for cold, and I guess the double lens reduces fogging.

Do you have any experience with the different color lenses......???

Originally Posted by cannonfoddertfc View Post
Haven't used that particular model, looks like it is part of a system with a balaclava.

I have used the Revision Desert Locust quite a bit and they are high quality. They do fit well but like all goggles, if you have something blocking the vent at the top (like a helmet), they will fog up. I have tried dozens of "anti-fog" juices with mixed results. The stuff that worked the best was rainex for car windows but even it needed a new coat every day or so. The rest of the products were a hourly application.

The ESS brand Goggles are compatible in quality but I didn't like the fit as well. YMMV