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Originally Posted by Lmorgan View Post
US Patent #6,630,507, which covers the use of cannabinoids as medication, is owned by the US Gov.

Interestingly, it's a patent pertaining to an unlawful activity, since at the time (2003) the possession and/or ingestion of cannabinoids for any purpose whatsoever was a violation of Federal law.

In da patent biz, that's a no-no. You can't patent anything that can only be used to break the law.

Like a poison exclusively designed to kill US Presidents. (Uh, I think that's against the law.)

It might be novel, and perhaps even highly marketable, but it would not be patentable.

So that marijuana patent is void on it's face. All it takes is one little suit to bust it.

WHy 'bust' it? If it's an undefendable patent, then it's effectively open source. Leave well enough alone.
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