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Originally Posted by kev View Post
How about this in 48 inches tall?

Then run a line of barbed wire along the top of the wire?


The plan is to use 6 foot t-post, 2 feet in the ground, 4 foot above ground.

Starting from the corner H brace, 4 t-post, then a 5 inch treated post, 4 t-post, a 5 inch treated post,,, repeat until I hit 200 feet and put up another H brace.

I would like for the barn and fence to be solar powered.
The 4 foot wire will work fine. You might consider 6.5' T-posts, so that you have a few inches above the field fence to place a strand of barbed wire if you do want to make it difficult for two legged varmits to cross the fence.

My thinking is more on the lines of a real protective perimeter of the home place, making it difficult to approach my home and to keep my dogs and livestock in. I might be a little ahead of you. I'm not sure how far away moving onto the place is for you. You might only be interested in minimal fence to hold a few animals at this point. I do know that fencing is a very considerable investment and looking at possible future needs now is a good idea so that you can do it once and not be thinking "I wish I had.." later on down the road. Anything on your perimeter deserves special consideration in my view.

Solar chargers, gate openers, lighting and all sorts of solar is possible. I have a solar powered gate that's three years old and has never given me any problem. At some point I will have to replace the battery, though.

Electric fencing works for horses and cattle as long as they have plenty to eat, drink and have shade, comfort, etc. and do not want to get out. It will not work for goats, although there will likely be dissent on that point. For cross fencing within a well fenced area is the only place that I use it.
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