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Originally Posted by thess02 View Post
Yeah...the light would be a personal choice not needed by some included. The EC9s is for concealment without things hanging off of it....for me. I have a 30SF on my bedside nightstand with a light. Just don't see the need to bulk up a simple concealment weapon. That is the beauty of many choices.
I live past the power lines.

I use lights daily and weapon moun Ted lights often.

when I'm here I have a larger pistol (with a light, currently pretty happy with O light rechargeables, but Streamlight and Surefires that have been worth me for years on stand by) on my belt, but if I need a backup gun....

Not telling you what to do, just consider the situations you might be down to a pocket pistol. (The G27 in my pocket has a TRL-6 on it. I sometimes go lazy 'in town' with just that and a shield. )

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