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LOL, Jack, why do you think I posted all that?

I've done it twice in my life. The first time back in 1979 and I didn't know about gluten. I am now doing it again for the 3rd time.

I was 14 and I weighed 200 lbs at that time, got down to 135 by the time I was 17.

Then got married and had a bad marriage and started eating whatever to deal with it. It wasn't until I left and went to driving truck that I was able to get a handle on it.

Second time, I weighed 235, got down to 160, That's the before and after pics I have posted, Took 4 years to do it and stayed that way until I got sick and went into a depression started eating everything in sight because I was told I would never be able to work again and that what I had was incurable. Was trying to come out of it when the Old Goat got sick then up and died on me. Which made it even worse.

8 months ago I finally started trying to do it again. I weighed myself and found out I was back up to 213. I am down to 185 as of this morning but I can't seem to totally kick it into gear and go all the way like I used to but i'm trying.

But now I know it causes the depression and I know to watch out for the triggers, it just seems to be a bit harder with not having the energy to do what I need to do. But i'm getting there.

I decided to start posting this info in hopes it might help others who may have the same problems and not know it.
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