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Originally Posted by ksmedman View Post
Can you freeze the puree?
yes, but like space for drying.... Freezer space is at premium around here.

I know it doesn't keep as long as canning, but may be a short term solution.

Thinking of that, could you dry the puree, almost like a fruit roll up?
I wish we got good persimmons here, they're so good when they're good.
You can, and I will a little don't have room for the hundreds of pounds avalable. If I could can it I could put up another set of shelves.

I'm about to dump a 5 gal bucket of peppers into the tub, wash them and then string them on fishing line to dry.

Pears, apples, other peppers, beans, amaranth, sunflower heads, sorghum grain, nuts... I need a drying shed.
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