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Originally Posted by Cornly2 View Post
Wow that's only $29.90. As soon as those are out I will certainly pick one up.

My local news prints an article every week about how many skimmers have been found in the area. It's usually a dozen or so gas stations. That's how prevalent they are.

To detect skimmers the cops here just advise us to look for an unbroken seal on the pump or use your cellphone and look for an unknown wifi signal. These measures don't fill me with confidence. I'd much rather know for sure.
Same here, I just saw a PSA for a local county showing cops "inspecting" pumps and putting on stickers. I doubt that they would have a clue if some clever device or malware were installed in the pumps. I think some of the gas stations are actually in on it, probably buying back the fuel "stolen" from their very own pumps,

This skimming and fuel theft has been going on for over 20 years. The police have a task force "working on it".

I think they are getting federal funds to fight a battle that will never be won, like the drug war.

I had my CC skimmed at least twice, the police were very unhelpful, to the point that I told them that I might consider it as a new career since it was apparently "impossible to prosecute".

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