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Default Hydrated lime has a shelf life.

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I just found out today that hydrated lime has a shelf life. Hydrated lime can be used for many prepping purposes, some of them are:Nixtamalization of corn, making bagles, making soap, tanning hides, plaster, whitewash, getting rid of order, raising the ph of soil and probably other uses.

I had a bag in the basement for a few years and lately when I used it to make corn I noticed it took longer and longer cooking times for it to work. My last batch didn't work at all.

After quite a bit of looking online I was finally able to find out that when exposed to water and air it will slowly absorb co2 from the air and become simply lime rather than hydrated lime. My point is if you store hydrated lime you should keep it in an airtight container or risk it not working.
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