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my condolences to the family and to the people who knew old soldier personally..

I think most lpg tanks are rated to 100+ Celsius

It takes a forest fire in 300-3000 degrees will destroy them..

typical tanks i recommend would fall within the above ground tanks your local petrol stations has..

as for the tanks generally used in homes when i was a kid typically ran about the same size as what you would use oxygen bottle for an oxy welding setup and typically mounted on the outside of them home in a set of 2-4 lasting 2-3 month's cooking and water boiling..

typical 1's used in the rv industries aren't within the realm of of home use and should not be store inside your home same with the 1's meant for domestic where you don't have mains gas supply..

though if you are wanting something within the 2-5 years type supply you are looking at very large industrial tanks..
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