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Originally Posted by kev View Post
My opinion - preppers are not survivalist, there is a big difference.

Preppers - get into survivalism because its the "cool" thing to be doing. "Oh look at me, I have 2 - 3 months of stockpiled food." They might have gone down to the local store and bought 50 pounds of rice and beans, a couple of flashlights and all of a sudden their a "prepper".

They might be a prepper, but their a long way from being a survivalist.

Preppers are attention whores - "Look at me, look at me,,, I live in my mansion and I own a gun, and I have a bunch of rice and beans."

Survivalist - I know where and what my preps are, and you do not need to know jack. We plan, we think, we survey the situation. To us, "prepping" as you call it, is a lifestyle.

To me - prepping is a waste of time, its a joke, its a fad, its the "hot topic of the day". In another month or two, "preppers" will move onto the next fad or hot topic.

Either your in, or your out, there is no middle ground. Either your a survivalist or your not.

The difference between a prepper and a survivalist, is like brushing your teeth in the morning.

Prepper - goes to work and shows his teeth to everyone. Then they brag how he/she brushed their teeth before they went to work.

Survivalist - I thought everyone brushed their teeth before they went to work in the morning, so what is the big deal?
Meh - I call myself a prepper. My immediate thought of a survivalist is a double wide in Idaho with a 12' fence around the yard flying their own "country's" flag and declaring that their dub wide is an embassy and that the jack-booted thugs have no jurisdiction over them.

See how offensive that sounds? So smart guy before you alienate half the people that come to this forum, think about why you choose to label people. Works both ways.
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