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Originally Posted by kc0tma View Post
I like the Alton Brown method of making jerky. Take a box fan, set a clean furnace filter on it, lay out your thin seasoned strips of meat, put another filter on top (repeat as necessary) and hold it all together with a bungee. There is no heat, so it dries it instead of cooks it. I've never tried it, but I'd like to.
I've made jerky using a box, wood skewers, and a fan to blow air across the hanging meat. It takes approximately 48 hours to dry once the meat has been skewered and hung. Don't bother with filters.

It turns out quite nice. I use it, along with home made hardtack, to carry in my cargo pockets during hunting trips. Unfortunately, sometimes the meat doesn't last long enough to make it to the hunt, and I'm left with just the hardtack....

The secret (IMO) is to cure the meat first. This ensures the meat remains safe to eat should you sucumb to temptation and eat some before it has been thoroughly dried.

The cure should be very salty and/or acidic. I use a bunch of salt (who measures?) and vinegar as my base. Other spices to flavor, such as black and dried red pepper are nice, but not necessary.

Wash your hands and tools before cutting the meat. Soak the cut strips of meat in the brine/acid solution overnight, and you're ready to hang the meat on skewers.

The US .gov sites recommend using heat, but I think it changes the taste too much.
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