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Beauty and skin care is not only for women, our men also deserve beautiful, glowing, soft and supple skin. Gone are the days when rugged, unkempt and messy looks were considered masculine and men that kept themselves prim and proper were considered otherwise. It’s still rather difficult to find relevant information and a well curated skin care regime for men on the internet so I thought I should take the matters in my own hand. Organic products are all the rage nowadays and for all the good reasons. Aren’t we all done with these harmful chemicals and preservatives ruining our health and our planet earth, sigh! It’s time to embrace Mother Nature and indulge in organic skin care for men and women.
For all the men out there looking for an easy 3 to 4 steps skin care regime consisting of organic skin care products, congratulations as you have landed to the right place. When we are in our late 20s or early 30s, our skin is living its best life but that's the time we are losing the collagen and other important things that keep our skin glowing, young and fresh. Taking care of it from early stages can make a huge difference and will allow you to age well. Making an effort to learn more about skin care is the first crucial step which you have already initiated by searching for organic skin care for men, now it’s our job to make sure you get what you searched for. So, let’s get to it.
Skin Care Essentials for Men Using Organic Skin Care Products
1. CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing)

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing is a very important part of your skin care regime, in fact it’s an essential. If you’re not even doing that on a daily basis, trust me you’ll have a lot to catch up. I’m just adding these as a reminder for you. Cleansing can be done twice a day, it will help you clean out any impurities, dead skin cells, dirt and oils that can clog your pores. Next up is toning your skin with something as simple as a rose water toner or with more advanced Vitamin-C toners. Lastly, it’s time to lock in the skin’s moisture and keep it from drying out by using a good moisturizer suitable with your skin type. If you’re going out of the home after that, also apply a healthy coat of sunscreen that matches your weather conditions, minimum SPF 60.
2. Exfoliate
Now let’s get to the nitty and gritty of skin care, right off the bat is exfoliation. Men's skin is much more hard and tough than that of women so daily exfoliation is a good starting point for an excellent skin later on. Exfoliation helps in unclogging the pores, prevents ingrown hair, removes blackheads and removes impurities deeply. You can start building up your exfoliation routine gradually, first start with 2 times a week, check if your skin accepts that and then move on to daily exfoliation. Don’t use too harsh exfoliators, instead use organic scrubs like sugar and tomato or ground coffee with coconut oil.
3. Take Care of Your Facial Hair
Talking about men and not addressing the most crucial thing on their face is a crime, yes, I’m coming to your most prized thing-facial hair. Men take great pride in their facial hair and nowadays keeping a light or heavy stubble is very in vogue and women love men with facial hair, it’s a thing for sure. Mooseberry is one company that understands this need very well as it has various products that are directed to facial hair especially bread.
From bread soap to bread balm to bread oil, all these products make sure your facial hair is healthy, fuller and tidy. Sometimes when the weather conditions are harsh, the skin under your bread starts to itch badly, you can apply the bread balm to soothe the itching, apply a little oil to keep it strong and in the morning wash it with bread soap to keep things fresh and clean.
4. Take care of the Lips and the Area Around the Eyes
Both these areas are very delicate and need special attention for sure. The area around the eyes is most vulnerable to wrinkles, bags, dark circles, crow feet and frown lines. So make sure you apply a hydrating eye cream on the eyelids, around the eyes to ensure under eye hydration. Lips are also an important part of your outlook, so make sure you keep them moisturized with a lip balm and keep them pink and juicy by staying away from cigarettes and alcohol.
Takeaway Points from Mooseberry
Skin care industry is getting bigger by the minute and there are very good reasons for that. Men and women both need to take their skin health seriously. Make sure you do all the necessary steps to look like a young man rather than an old hag.