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PatrioticAmerican 02-23-2020 09:31 AM

"You all do know that all motor vehicles newer than 1972 are prone to never running again. Newer than 1992 scrap metal.

Says the Internet. Repeat a lie often enough and the feeble minded will believe it. Tests show that cars can be interrupted by EMP but not damaged. They restart just fine.

w0lfpack91 02-23-2020 09:44 AM


Originally Posted by Kymudder08 (Post 20081668)
Think again. A lot of brand new trucks canít go into certain areas of my work where the magnetism is so strong it shuts them off.

I never said it wouldn't shut them down, I stated that most could be restarted after with little to no damage.

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w0lfpack91 02-23-2020 10:02 AM


Originally Posted by wldwsel (Post 20081766)
I'll ask the question again:

After an EMP/MCD event, where are you going in your EMP protected car? within a couple of hours, anything on the road would be a 10,000ft target painted red, and if most all car electronics are gone, what's driving the machinery to make the fuel, carry the products to stores, haul the oil to the refineries, haul the gas to the non-existant stations, etc, etc, etc. All of the above to say I personally don't worry much about things I simply can't do anything to prevent. I'll sure prep food, water, equipment to clean water, ammo, etc. But no car parts.

Just my opinion.


shoot straight - stay safe

This is actually depends more on location and what type of emergency caused the EMP. with a CME most things will be disrupted but bounds of society will most likely hold at least locally where a vehicle would be useful short term. As for a Nuke, chances of survival are slim in the blast zone and outside the blast zone will likely be crawling with soldiers and checkpoints on defcon 1 chances are you will either die, be stranded, or get detained.

As for location, EMP or not where I live we have high risk for wildfire. 90% of situations would constitute a bug In response but if a wild fire gets near the perimeter EMP or not it's time to cut losses and bug out. Even if it's a one way trip having a vehicle is beneficial for emergency escape.

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A_SonofLiberty 02-23-2020 02:23 PM

Whether or not the cars will run, will there be fuel available to power them?

Trip Wire 02-23-2020 03:38 PM

In 2002 We bought a mail order still. Since then we have made 3 more.

All you have to do is change the jets in the carb. We have those jets.

Also with millions of dead vehicles, a punch and a drain pan is all you will need.
Bolt cutters, a 40 foot rod with a hose, attacked to a Holly electric fuel pump will draw about 5 gallons a minute.

You just dont get the ding ding sound as you pull up to the station.

BTW this is not some hair brained idea. It was taught to us border rats in case Ivan crossed the DMZ. We were to hide our tanks for 3 days, and pop up and shalaylee missile the poggies out of the rear supply lines.

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