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shawn 06-06-2007 09:46 PM

Hiking, Camping and Wilderness Survival Items
I had just received a good idea to start a thread to get a list of everybody wilderness survival items so we can compare notes and make sure nobody forget anything

kev 06-06-2007 10:28 PM

Day pack
strike any where matches
2 compasses
good survival knife

Reality Czech 06-06-2007 10:29 PM

Something to carry water with, ie, canteen.
All else is secondary.:D

SHoNUFF 06-09-2007 04:14 PM

water purifier and canteen
Length of rope/cord
2 Knifes (1 fixed/1 folder)
Matches and a Lighter
always carry my 22lr pistol with me and extra ammo.
change of clothing.
These are all the base items I carry, all else is added if needed

shawn 06-10-2007 12:16 AM

I was kinda hoping for a post on what people were saving for more of a long term situation. Kinda of like the matches thread. People wouldn't take 10 boxes of matches on a camping trip. I'm still working on my list but I will post it by Monday.

SHoNUFF 06-11-2007 07:23 PM

Long term, like we talking like 30+ days. I would toss in a few ramen noodles and a tent. other then that what I have ready to go would do. Also my 22lr will put meat on the table. Remember each packet of noodles contains 2 servings. so 1 pak would last a day. Maybe toss in a few hooks and small enough cord to thread threw it to catch a fish or two. wouldnt be a bad idea and would take up any real space.

swampman 06-12-2007 01:25 PM

long term??? for me it would be my backpack with a fishing kit, 2 bottles of water, my water filter, 2 storm proof lighters, my gps, my recurve bow and arrows, a tent, a few bags of dried fruit, a compass, my leatherman multi tool, my bowie knife, and my sawn off 20Ga with 50 #4 shells 50 #7 shells and 20 oo buckshot shells, 25 feet of rope and a spool of 150 pound braided nylon line,

Bullseye 06-12-2007 03:23 PM

I always try to carry a small kit with me for that unexpected situation. In that kit would be 3 ways to start fire, (waterproofed matches, lighter, Magnesium stick, magnifying glass, etc.). Some sort of blade (small pocket knife, razor blade, etc.). Water gathering stuff (large black garbage bags, reynolds turkey sized cooking bags, aluminum foil). Some fishing gear (hooks, line, sinkers). And some sort of light (small LED flashlight, candle, cottons balls soaked in Vaseline and then wrapped in aluminum foil) The latter, after putting the cotton ball into a pouch/bindle wrapping of aluminum foil, you can cut an X in the top side of the pouch and pull up some of the cotton ball into a wick like form. Then light the tip of the cotton ball. The cotton ball will burn in this format for about 45 mins to an hour. I have tried three with an average burn time of 50-55 minutes. Use real cotton balls and any type of petroleum jelly. GPS, and at least two compasses. Pencil and paper.

For a longer stay, knowing before hand that I was going to be out for a while, I would bring a good knife, axe, water filtration system, some sort of permanent shelter material (tarp, rope, duct tape). I would also bring cooking stuff such as Dutch oven, cooking spoon, cooking gloves. One thing I have seemed to overlook each time I go camping is a good shovel. That would be one thing that would be good for ground shelter building, fire maintaining, latrine building, etc.

Might be easier to just hook up the ol camp trailer, lol.

Just my thoughts.

kev 06-12-2007 06:15 PM

I like the topic of this thread, so its now a sticky.

shawn 06-13-2007 06:04 PM

Okay here my beginning list. backpack, slleeping bag, tent, gerber, copy of survival book, boots, poncho, raingear, hatchet, machete, matches, rope, whistle, walkie talkies, compass, tweezers, shovel, map pack, candles, first aid kit,550 cord, 22, ammo, knife, binoculars, fishing gear, large trash bags, ducktape, swimming trunks with goggles, sharpening stone, superglue, insect repellent, 2 flashlights, batteries, wool socks, mess gear, kerosene, cooking items, food. Dream sheet----------gps, kayah, climging gear, hand crank radio, solar kit that can supposedly fit in your backpack. Oh yah and a tank. lol

Reality Czech 06-13-2007 06:31 PM

Traveling light eh Shawn?:D

I see you mentioned a kayak, I had a Wilderness System Tarpon 120 till about 3 months ago,...fixing to get a Liquid Logic Manta Ray 10 or 12 footer just as soon as I make it to North of Houston to the dealer and compare how they paddle. I've heard nothing but good about them. Yaks are surprizingly fast for a paddle powered craft, too.:) Great for stealth fishing.

shawn 06-13-2007 06:39 PM

I'm new to kayaking but I'm starting to read up on it. And if I had to get out of the city and had no gas a kayak would be perfect. Alright I talked myself into buy one.

Potantsuem 06-15-2007 01:03 PM

Kayaking is one of my favorite hobbies. Granted I am needing to get a new kayak, as I haven't had one in years. My recomendation is get one that fits what you will be using it for, and one that has a water tight compartment in the back.

Kenno 07-05-2007 05:38 AM

OK I just got back from 8 weeks in the Idiho Mtns. This might be a bit off topic but I'll stick it here anyway. We traveled by horse sometimes but mostly via PU truck. In the truck we had heaps of stuff. HD sleeping bags, some with matresses. Large bore pistols and rifles and knives, lots of knives (more knives than people). Axes, saws, Field glasses, tarps, extra deisel for fire starter. Chains, straps, ropes. HiLift Jacks, Lots of water. Food, of course. Whiskey was concidered an essential (for snake bite). Heaps of snakes everywhere you looked, haha! A 2-way radio (usless in the canyons). Spare tires (10 and 12 ply only). Large first-aid Kit containing empty wiskey bottle! 3 or 4 young cowboys if boulders or trees offered resistance to the truck's foward progress! Of course each man had his own small kit that was in his pockets and that was his own business. The basic carry kit consisted of 2 cans of snuff, a pistol and 2 knifes and a fire starting kit, maybe some duct tape and a multi-tool. None of these boys would think twice about busting down a small tree for shelter and a fire or dropping a fawn for a meal if they were stuck in a bad spot! Essentialy survival was a group project, the group might be seperated by distance during the work day but everyone knew they would not be abandoned. If a man was injured and could survive 24 hours he would be found because the boss man would know the area he was in and would not leave untill he was found. The boss would call in search and rescue ASAP if necessary. Having a boss man that stayed with the truck, asighned work tasks and kept track of each man's general location plus an agreed upon time of return for the work crew was propably the best survival tool in our kit.

randy 07-09-2007 07:45 PM

My plan for any type of survival situation is essentially the same. I have an ALICE pack with the following:
10 x 12 tarp
50' 550 paracord
small roll baling type wire
numerous lighters
waterproof matches
two compasses, one of which has a whistle and flint on the side
multi-purpose knife
bowie type knife
laminated survival how-to articles to jog my memory
Extra tent stakes
two small flashlights with extra batteries
two changes of clothing
custom designed first aid kit
one roll TP in plastic baggie
metal fork and spoon
wire saw
P38 can opener
two five gallon mylar water bags
two sternos with burner
folding shovel
pens and pad of paper
small sewing kit
two ponchos
water purification tablets
small pry bar

Things to add to this pack:
sharpening stone
fishing kit
snare wire

Close by the ALICE Pack is my tent, the ammo bag, machete, 12 gauge, .40, and .270, military arctic rated sleeping bag with pad, and the rubbermaid with a couple days supply of food and accessories, eight more mylar water bags, extention cord, bleach, and other stuff I can't remember off the top of my head.

My plan is to be flexible and mobile.

RevPaul 07-09-2007 09:27 PM

Check out Calcium Hypochlorite
1 level teaspoon will make 2 gallons of chlorine bleach stock-----------
16 drops per gallon of water for purified drinking water.
You can find it at pool supply stores in 1 lb. bags for about $3.00.
You need 78% as the junk at wal-mart won't do it.
Pool Shock by PoolLife

puntatonini 08-16-2007 03:47 AM

My survival kit is as light as possible because my enviroment it is the mountain,so carry on my back to much weight make my movements slowly.well it's the following:
60liters rucksack,2 1liter waterbottle or 2 liters camelback,survival knife(now it' s a Opinel, but I' m looking for another one),poncho,a wind_coat(also in summer),a pile, lighters,a little gas burner,a first aid-kit,a compass, map and some meals.All of this weight about 6 or 7kg.If I'have to do a 2 or more days hiking I add more meal,clothes,my sleeping bag and my axe.

bogdan 08-16-2007 04:01 AM

For me, next pack meet all requirement:
- 80 liters rucksack;
- axe;
- small multitool knife;
- 4 liters of water;
- sleeping bag;
- tent folio;
- PP cord;
- wind/rain coat and suplimentar clothes;
- first aid kit;
- food;
- slingshot and wires;
- map and compass;
- magnifying glass, matches, ligters, cigars ;);
- binocular;
- soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper;
All toghether have arround 10 kilos. If i will camp in one place for more days, i will bring with me also my airgun.

PS I forgot my coocking pot.

BOHICA6 08-17-2007 06:51 PM

trash bags, duct tape, chemlights and 550 cord!

riverrat 08-17-2007 10:53 PM

Shawn, I'm glad you posted all that gear. I thought my list would be too excessive, but here it goes... A CFP 90 pack with detachable patrol pack, fleece sleeping bag,emergency blanket,inflateable pillow,hammock,shovel,hatchet,wyoming saw,fire starting bag (with matches,flint,lighters,vasaline, cotton balls,steel wool fire starting sticks),shake up flash light, radio that is crank,battery, or solar powered, first aid kit, bathroom kit, rain suit, K-bar knife, sharpening stone, para cord, duct tape, snare wire, sewing kit, sterno fuel, folding sterno stove, rope, 100 oz hydration pack bladder, iodine crystals, compass, binoculars, mess kit, tin cup,bowl and plate, cloths line reel, towel, bug spray.

In the patrol pack I put food and more water. strapped to the outside of the pack I have a self inflating mat, wool blanket, and tent. If I bring exrta cloths, put them in a duffle bag. The whole pack feels heavy to just pick up, but once on my back it doesn't feel like much.

I have a Victorinox multitool on my belt. If I need to be armed, I would also have a rifle, pistol and ammo. I'm sure when I get older, I won't be able to handle such a load, for now I can, so I do.

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