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MHarn 12-12-2016 04:03 AM

Pepper spray recommendations
Anyone have a pepper spray recommendation? Every now and then I go into town and I would like to add pepper spray as one of my self defense options. Are some brands better, stronger, and/or more reliable?

Outpost75 12-12-2016 12:31 PM

Wrkhorse52 12-12-2016 01:45 PM

Anyone ever make a smoke bomb with ghost pepper in it? If so, what is best way of putting pepper in it while making sure you get max result?

Outpost75 12-12-2016 03:48 PM

"Paint Balls" are made with liquid OC and UV dye marker in them for riot control use.

Very effective!

BabyBlue 12-13-2016 07:58 PM

I can't recommend a specific brand, but get one that has one of those little bead chains. Hook it to your purse handle so the canister can be found without looking for it in your purse. These chains break easy, and that's the point. You can jerk it loose in a jiffy if needed.

I also like the kind with dye in it. It sprays the bad guy with pink, blue or green dye all over that takes several days of washing to get off. Makes it easier to identify who police are looking for.

bilmac 12-13-2016 09:05 PM

Bear Spray. I bought some so I have a non-lethal response if someone won't leave when I tell them. It will shoot much longer than personal defense sprays. I think I need another can or two.

Voodoo715 12-13-2016 10:03 PM

Fox Labs is what we use. And I can say from experience its some wicked stuff

druid189 12-14-2016 10:29 PM

My department issues Sabre. It's pretty effective stuff.

Jerry D Young 12-15-2016 06:52 PM

Cold Steel Inferno

Just my opinion.

Luke 22:35-38 12-19-2016 01:41 PM

What was the brand that shoots gel instead of spray?

Ramona M. Faunce 12-19-2016 01:46 PM

I'm with Bilmac-----BEAR SPRAY!!!

Luke 22:35-38 12-21-2016 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by Ramona M. Faunce (Post 12832281)
I'm with Bilmac-----BEAR SPRAY!!!

While it's great for home defense, its kinda hard to conceal it unless your state allows you to open carry it and you don't mind doing it.

The Real Truth 12-21-2016 01:21 PM

Neut Anderson 12-21-2016 02:02 PM

FOX pepper spray is #1 :thumb:

oldcoyote1 12-27-2016 07:09 PM

Bear spray covers a lot more area when sprayed then any other pepper spray.

Luke 22:35-38 12-28-2016 11:49 PM


Originally Posted by oldcoyote1 (Post 12927009)
Bear spray covers a lot more area when sprayed then any other pepper spray.

Yeah but to my knowledge they aren't very concealable.

bilmac 12-30-2016 09:46 PM

Depends on what you want to do with it. I want to have it in hand when I meet folks at the gate. And I want to have someone behind me with a shotgun. I expect that there will be some who refuse to leave when told. I would prefer to hose them down with bear spray instead of having to choose between deadly force or giving in.

Viper6Niner 12-30-2016 09:59 PM

Fox 5.3 or Defense Technology in a stream or foam spray. Avoid the cone.

BillM 12-30-2016 10:30 PM

Useing Pepper Spray
Get a good quality Pepper spray.

Always make sure the wind is not blowing in your face.

Aim at the center of your assailant's chest and raise your hand up as you spray.
This is to insure you hit him in the face. It is impossible to dodge or duck if you do it this way.

Use the opportunity to escape. If you don't, you will need to be able to fight and he is going to have it all over him and get it all over you.

If you get it in your face or eyes , Do not Rub your face !

Rinse your face and eyes with cold water by pouring it over the eyes face or other affected area.

Natty 12-30-2016 10:35 PM

I use Fox labs.

Wasp/Hornet spray puts people down and out. ;)

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