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fayegrimm 04-25-2015 11:52 AM

Need: low-rent/work ex. so Oregon counry home/community
I go by Faye here in the virtual world.
I am a single 65 year old woman with 2 yr old heeler mix named Daisy and 16 yr old peppy male feline name Cloudeye (both fixed).

I am in need of low cost or work exchange rural living situation, preferrably in southern Oregon as my 89 yr old father and 10 mo old grandbaby are here.
If you are interested in my politics, we can talk.

I am considered semi-disabled though I am far from useless. I get around just fine and am passionate about gardening. I love critters and am willing/able to share responsibilities for them and learn about livestock.
I am also great with children, sensitive and patient. I have an intuitive feel for what they need and inspiring kids is one of lifes greatest joys so if there is a community with kids, I could be extremely useful there. I have 2 grown children who were home birthed on the water.

I have a very small income and am not going to spend it on a low-cost apartment. City life doesn't suit me. I have lived in the mountains on and off in my life, off grid for many.
I used to live on the water where I owned and co-operated a working bay tug boat in my heyday. I have worked for OE3 (operating Engineers)and ran the heck out of a loader/IT/scrapper/load-all and was just learniing how to run a dozer.
While all that is 20 + years behind me, I am still able to contribute a lot and have a good mind, a very logical yet unconventional way of seeing things when the usual isn't working... which can be extremely handy solving unusual problems.

Let me know if you have something available where I might fit in.
I would like to become part of a homestaed/survivalist group if there is a place for me. If it works out, feels right and more young blood is needed to make things strong, my son and family could concievably follow.
I have a good small work truck - '81 Toyota 4x4 straight axle P.U. with under 4K on a rebuild and a 35' Wells Cargo storage trailer which I could bring or get rid of, as per situation.
WHile I would preefer to remain in souther Oregon as my 89 yr old dad and my son, his girlfriend and my very first grandbaby are here, I am open to the right situation where ever that may be.
I know what is coming and I would like to be somewhere not just to survive, but to co-contribute to group survival.
I know a lot about health and natural healing.
I actively research and look for solutions and do everything I can to awaken the sheep. I have learned its practically useless but I refuse to give up. I care. A lot.
What ever happens, I want the kids to have a chance. I am old enough to be willing to give my life if needed to protect my family, my people. No problem.

Thanks for reading.

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