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THE_HUNTERIAM 04-28-2019 07:35 PM

Ground Blind or Treestand?
Here are my thoughts on both. What are yours?

Bishopj 04-28-2019 10:19 PM

To me it all depends on the terrain and how skidish of what your hunting if there is no cover for a tree stand a blind works well I have dug fox holes to hunt out of that works good.

Palma 04-29-2019 03:30 PM

I have always chosen a ground blind, even if it's just a matter of sitting on the ground and not moving much. Mostly out of necessity. I have always hunted public lands, here you cannot erect a stand and leave it over night. I don't want to carry a climber in and out every day. I sometimes will still hunt, cant do that in the trees. If I had private property, I would have a tree stand.

fistfulladirt 04-29-2019 06:06 PM

To me, both have their benefits. Tree stand first, ground blind second.

Snyper708 04-29-2019 06:19 PM

Elevated stands offer several advantages over being on the ground.

sabotage39k 04-29-2019 06:53 PM

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I use both and also hunt with a ghillie suit as well. Each have their own distinct advantage. It depends on what area and or terrain you want to hunt. It also depends on weapon of choice as well. For instance if hunting with bow then I exclusively use tree stand and or ghillie suit up in well covered tree. Yea I do climb trees if they are climber friendly. It actually gives you better camouflage than being on a stand. Either way the point is when using a bow I have to be elevated. With firearm or muzzleloader I add the ground to my options.

The best thing about a blind is that it hides your movements. Aside from scent and noise, the one thing that always seems to bust me when on the ground is my movement. You try to move slowly, raise your shotgun but if you aren’t deliberate enough...,busted. A blind takes care of that. However I don’t use commercial blinds. They stick out like a sore dumb. I make my blind before the season with natural vegetation. I frame out a square front and then attach chicken wire in a downward spiral slope. Then inside layer the roof with poly to help keep my scent in.

On the outside I layer it with dead vegetation, dead trees, etc;. I use zip ties to secure bigger pieces. This provides a platform for smaller pieces. I mostly only use this method in the thicker deeper areas. Best thing is that inside the blind you can move freely....spend the night if you want too in order to have a fresh morning hunt with no worry about spooking deer as you move into your hunting location.

The one thing I don’t like about tree stands is that they limit you. They restrict you. I usually use a tree stand in high traffic areas if just looking for meat. However more often than not because it offers me the most flexibility, I like hunting with a ghillie suit with either a muzzleloader, Handgun, or shotgun. That is my preferred method of hunting.

fragout 05-01-2019 01:21 PM

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Originally Posted by THE_HUNTERIAM (Post 19494242)
Here are my thoughts on both. What are yours?

I use both. Terrain / weather dependent. Short as well as long range hunting. Took a big ugly boar with an AK pistol yesterday from a tree stand on my property.

As a matter of fact.....Im currently sitting in another one of my tree stands right now. ( Waiting out a sounder. ..;)

Also stalk hunt. ( Track as well as spot and stalk)

Nothin in North America that I haven't already dumped with the below combination.... ( Click on a pic below to make it bigger)


buckhunter 05-01-2019 04:57 PM

I have used both and both serve a purpose in different settings. That said I prefer a tree stand hands down. The elevation is a game changer in hunting my preferred game animal of whitetail deer. I have permanent stands for rifle season and use hang on and climbing stands for archery.

Area Man 05-14-2019 04:04 PM


Originally Posted by THE_HUNTERIAM (Post 19494242)
Here are my thoughts on both. What are yours?


Maybe share your thoughts on this forum rather than just trying to drive traffic to your website.

rwtrapper 06-04-2019 08:11 PM

i prefer the ground - gravity works different after 45 - i still get into elevated stands but prefer the ground - i move around if the animals change their paths i can follow on the ground

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