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Topic Review (Newest First)
11-07-2019 09:34 PM
FotoTomas An update ...

Mine works great with the mini shells. The recoil and capacity make the KSG an amazing gun. The need to pump with authority is very important. I added a vertical Magpul grip to help with the pumping. Running it in a local club match was a pain due to my lack of practice. I am sure if I worked with it full time I could get much better BUT the local matches often start downloaded and the downward ejection is a problem if needing to manually load a single and firing it. The forte of the KSG is capacity and downloading it for matches defeats its major strong point.

It is a neat weapon but I am more comfortable with my 870. #1 son is a big fan of the platform and it is now his.
02-17-2019 12:58 PM
fragout Maybe Im too hard on guns, but haven't found a Keltech that I would completely trust as yet. ( Closest was a P32).

Not much first hand with the KSG. Only had 2 of them out here at my range. Both were new and both had problems.

02-11-2019 08:27 AM
ROCK6 I picked up one over Christmas. The son and I put a few hundred rounds through it...slugs were a little more painful than a typical pump. Other than than, it was fine. It did get a little "sluggish" near the end. We really hand to forcefully rack the slide. I'll chalk that up to just getting pretty dirty and needing a good cleaning. I'll do some more shooting and drills with it when I get home in May, but I love the concept, size, and weight.

02-11-2019 08:13 AM
johnmcd I've owned a KSG for about a year and I really like it for the use cases I bought it for (home defense, room clearing in a SHTF scenario, etc.). Many of the FTF problems people have had with it tend to be due to gunk in the feed tubes - do a good thorough cleaning and oiling when you first get it, and I recommend replacing the plastic followers with stainless or aluminum ones (that's the only internal mod I've made to it). I also spent a couple of hours with some 12ga snap caps, practicing racking and loading to get familiar with it before heading to the range.

With the KSG you get an 18.5" barrel in a package that's around 8"-10" shorter than a standard shotgun and it weighs about 1/2 lb less, plus it holds 14+1 rounds. You also get extended upper and lower Picatinny rails, so you can dress it up pretty much any way you want.
02-04-2019 12:16 AM
Ebolinux People that say "get a normal shotgun" are really missing some big key points with the KSG.

The KSG is a pullpup shogun.
Overall Length 26.1"
Rounds 14 or 24 min's
Downward ejecting bullpup

Mossberg 500
Overall Length 37-48"
Rounds 5-8

KSG is WAYYY shorter then all the other "normal shoguns!" Its incredibly compact. Its holds 2-3x more ammo then a normal shotgun. And its downward ejecting. For your right handed people shooting right handed bullpups is not a big deal. For a left handed person it can be a royal pain. Having a left handed ejecting or downwards ejecting pullpup is REALLY nice!
01-29-2019 11:29 PM
sabotage39k Admittedly, I have never owned a KSG. Not that I would ever want too. I have owned Kel tec products and have never had one that I would depend my life on. For the price of a KSG there are so many other options IMO that would suit the needs of one who is in the market for such a firearm. I like the ingenuity of kel tec's products, but for serious use I don't think they are up to par.
01-29-2019 11:04 PM
Originally Posted by roseman View Post
Number one son is interested in purchasing one of the Kel Tec shotguns. I know nothing about them and have not seen any at the club.

I hate to rely only on information in gun mags as to the viability of that platform.
I would appreciate any feedback from actual owners or former owners.

KSG is fine. Some earlier versions had some issues but they seem to be fixed. You DO need to rack the slide 'with authority' or you can have FTF. I've heard that after a few hundred rounds this isn't the case....I'm about there with mine that I've had for 1.5 years now.

It IS the only shotgun that will reliably cycle the Aguila Mini shells. With the slug versions I think those are pretty good for a home defense type of application as they won't over-penetrate like a "regular" slug shell.

All in all I think the KSG is a good shotgun. You just need to practice a good bit with it as it's different from the usual shotguns you're used to. Nut n' Fancy likes it just fine as well. It's just he calls out ANY failures that happen during his reviews. The KSG is a new type of design and it's probably not going to be as dead reliable as the average Rem 870. But it's good. Everyone I know who has them, likes them. Your mileage may vary.
01-29-2019 04:09 AM
kl0an [QUOTE=FotoTomas;18812554]I have one. Did not work out of the box. Took it to the KelTec pro shop in Cocoa FL. <snip>

By Dad has been to that shop a few times. He took a P9 in there that had sat in the bottom of some guys boat and looked like hell..

He gave the guy $50 for it, too it to the Cocoa shop and held it up sayin "This won't shoot.." They took the gun, he went out to get coffee, came back and they had a practically new pistol waiting for him..

My CCW is a Keltec P-11 which will also take S&W clips (I think the 649 model.. It's been a while)

I've also got a .32 and a .380. Pops has a few more extreme models.. He loves the P30 (30 round capacity 9mm pistol). I think he has 5 or 6 of them last I talked to him about them..
06-15-2018 02:24 AM
FotoTomas I have one. Did not work out of the box. Took it to the KelTec pro shop in Cocoa FL. They found a defective part and fixed it on the spot. Since then it runs great. Supposed to work with mini shells but I have yet to try them out. To me it is a 7+1 shotgun with an instant reload by flipping a lever. I only use the same kind of ammo in both magazines. Birdshot or slugs for gun games and 00 buck for social purposes. The gun is unique with a bit of a learning curve and immediate action issues are a pain with the enclosed action and downward ejection. Plan to take it to a Tac3Gun match this weekend and try her out on the clock. Plan to take my old cop shotgun (870 Police Magnum) as well in case the KSG bombs.
06-14-2018 10:33 PM
ksmedman Left hand removal machine. And I like KT...

Seriously, get a decent pump gun or semi, fewer issues, more support.

JMO, of course.
06-14-2018 10:26 PM
recklessdriver Useful and.good defense gun
06-14-2018 08:58 PM
Lost Woods Survival Friend of mine bought one. I shot it a bit and didn't like it. To many things can go wrong with it. My buddy sold it about three months later. He couldnt get the money out of it. He is a hunter and outdoorsman and that kind of gun was just useless for his uses. He got some brownings and uses them all the time. I see it as a fun "toy" and not a tool.
06-14-2018 07:45 PM
Ebolinux Friend has a KSG. It works great. I have a KSG it works great. kal-tec in the past got a bad rep and some people never forget. But its no more likely to have a problem not days then any other type gun. For example mossberg 500 & remington 870 are extremely cheaply made and a persons just as likely to have a problem with something breaking on one of them.

When you get it. Clean it. Really oil it up. Watch some "tips" videos on how to use it - such as not short stroking it, not getting your fingers pinched in the back of the pump etc. It will work great.
06-14-2018 07:23 AM
Klbsa When in doubt go to The Nutnfancy Project channel on youtube.

He tests almost every gun ever made at some point..... and usually with multiple types of ammo in outdoor and indoor conditions.

He does NOT like the multi tube, hi-cap Kel-tec shotgun.... To many failures.

In my opinion Kel-tec is hit or miss depending on the model (I have shot and own a few of their guns and they are DRASTICALLY different from model to model)
06-14-2018 01:58 AM
Originally Posted by Ebolinux View Post
...Just make sure you keep your finger away from the barrel. ;o)

06-14-2018 12:21 AM
Ebolinux I bought a Kal Tec KSG not long ago. Love it!! supper fun. Very nice gun. I took it apart before the range and cleaned it well and really oiled it up. Watched a few videos. It worked perfectly at range.

See link for more info.

Just make sure you keep your finger away from the barrel. ;o)
06-10-2018 02:30 PM
Jframe Had one for about 2 years

Deadly, and lots of rounds can be stored inside the tubes 14 +1 in the chamber.
Worked just fine, bu other than home defense or zombies, I eventually sold mine.

See you list CT as your home. Do not know if they turn up the PC meter and claim to high a capacity firearm or not.

You won’t be shooting skeet or trap with it. Don’t know if you have to plug your shotgun capacity to hunt???

Basicly it is a real well made blaster. Hey, it’s America and it’s a gun.
06-09-2018 09:08 AM
rfmanning Had a student with one last month. Only ammo she brought was the Agila Mini-shells. Out of ~50 rounds, she has a couple failure to feed malfunctions. As a new shooter, it was not determined whether the ammo/gun combination or shooter short stroking was the cause. I'll bet standard 2 3/4" would have been 100%, though. She hit targets remarkably well with the KSG. I'd like to spend a couple hundred rounds with one.
06-09-2018 06:21 AM
Kel Tec

Number one son is interested in purchasing one of the Kel Tec shotguns. I know nothing about them and have not seen any at the club.

I hate to rely only on information in gun mags as to the viability of that platform.
I would appreciate any feedback from actual owners or former owners.


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