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Thread: People Laughed at us Reply to Thread
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Topic Review (Newest First)
04-07-2020 12:00 PM
soocom1 Let them laugh.
When this is over, those who prep, will be ready for the next one. Just be sure to have MORE toilet paper on hand!
04-06-2020 10:43 PM
divinginn After 10+ years of trying to get my wife on board she now gets why I have stocked up food and supply's. I did get caught low on toilet paper though.
04-06-2020 09:54 PM
Grannygrump I’ve never told anyone I’m a prepper and don’t plan to. I did try to warn a number of people what was coming and one of individuals has since apologized for blowing me off. So I did continue to offer advice until cdc caught up and now I let the cdc talk to the folks. Except for family. Siblings and cousins I’m still pushing them to stock up more.

The most I’ve ever said about my stuff is i have a deep pantry because I’m an ingredient cook. I can cook just about anything about any time without running to the store. I’m in hurricane country so having gas cans and water bottles are normal. I’d never tell anyone about my #10 cans of food.
04-06-2020 09:33 PM
Grannygrump [QUOTE=gravedigger;20207172]Way back when Obama was looking like he would get a second term, I began to stock up on things. I didn't become a "prepper," but I did decide that I should have some things on hand for a rainy day.

I didn't have any particular items in mind, but I thought I would buy things that do not spoil when stored for long periods of time. I also felt I should buy things I could use for bartering, and of course, things I could afford, but maybe NEVER use. I figured they could be donated to some school or hospital after I die.

I wasn't buying what I felt I would personally need or use. I just bought things that might be sought by others during difficult times. Since I couldn't buy everything, I felt I could trade this for that, to get the things I did not buy. I bought toothpaste, and deodorant, and Q-tips, and bandages, and such. Imagine what a tube of athlete's foot cream might be worth on a hot summer day when
the pharmacies are all closed!

I haven't added anything to this part of my closet in nearly eight years now. There was more, but I've used about 20% of it since then.

Oh, how my friends laughed at me. All the jokes. All the ribbing. All the snickering.

So I made this little video, and sent it to all of them. Who's laughing NOW?!


Thatís hysterical.
04-06-2020 09:19 PM
Originally Posted by IYAPYSNF View Post
They are demonetizing videos for that! What the actual crap!?

Yeah, been on several live streams where they ask people not to use those words. Started calling it the beer cold instead. Dems just love to get scared by words so that you just have to make up new words to replace them, but eventually they get scared by those words & the process starts over again.

04-06-2020 08:51 PM
Erie1700 I know what you mean. The people that ridiculed me are the ones now asking if I have this or that food item.
04-06-2020 08:40 PM
Originally Posted by IYAPYSNF View Post
They are demonetizing videos for that! What the actual crap!?
YouTube is going after the conspiracy videos involving Corona. The problem is, with so many of their staff on furlough, they're relying on their A.I. programs to do most of the filtering, and those bots are stupid. All videos with 'Corona' in the title are at risk.
04-06-2020 08:03 PM
Originally Posted by TXplowgirl View Post
Lol, sorry hon, but that is the very definition of a prepper. But it's ok, 90% of us here are prepper's we're just not the scary, stupid Doomsday prepper's. That is a bad word around here.

As for the video, pretty good, but if you're monitized don't be surprised if that video gets demonitized because Youtube is demonitizing all videos that has the word Coronavirus in the title or if you even say it or Covid-19.
They are demonetizing videos for that! What the actual crap!?
04-06-2020 05:55 PM
Originally Posted by gravedigger View Post
... things I could afford, but maybe NEVER use. I figured they could be donated to some school or hospital after I die.

So I made this little video, and sent it to all of them. Who's laughing NOW?!
Okay, the video is funny.

But I still laugh at you. 3 weeks ago there will be enough toilet paper again, so you need maybe 2% of your stocks.

I did expect something like 10,000 NP95 masks that you would now donate to a hospital. I would have stopped laughing and would have applauded you for saving lives.

This is just a joke.
04-06-2020 05:10 PM
JBryan314 Iím quite pleased the guy waving the pistol around has a Beretta.

Time for them all to organize and revolt.

04-06-2020 05:08 PM
PatrioticAmerican I never prepped to brag, be the center of respect, or to tell anyone, so I never cared if anyone did anything about it.
04-06-2020 04:54 PM
Chuckleberry `

So apart from a from a bit of TP in an otherwise empty pantry, why are you laughing?

04-06-2020 04:37 PM
ttkciar Not quite a personal story, but a friend pointed me at this radio show, saying "you might be interested in this On The Media episode: there's an amazing segment with an ethnographer who participated in the prepper world for 12 years":

Well, I listened to it, and the tl;dr summary is that they're still laughing at us.

The hosts took the worst examples of the survivalist community -- the conspiracy lunatics, the tactikool operators, the loudmouths who utterly failed to actually prepare, etc -- and painted all survivalists as being like that.

If someone listened to this show not knowing anything about survivalism, they would come away with the message that survivalists are dangerous, stupid nutjobs whose preparations don't work anyway.
04-06-2020 04:06 PM
PurpleKitty Moc, that is a great idea.

He called again and asked if we needed anything, my husband said we were OK and talked a lot about his cat. He did suggest, at my instigation, the man buy extra dog food for his dog.

He is the kind of guy who feeds his dog something it hates because "It is good for him". The dog got a taste of regular dog food once and went crazy for it; the poor thing was miserable. He kept feeding the "proper" food. And leftovers...the dog gets a lot of leftovers + this crap food. Makes me want to buy a 40 pound bag of Old Roy Bacon flavor and give it to the dog.

But he is not right in the head I never heard of someone forcing their pet to eat something it hates.

I do have a cat army. :D
04-06-2020 04:01 PM
Originally Posted by Elisavaet View Post
"Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, "Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times? Jesus answered, "I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times." Matthew 18:21-22.

Please call your friend up, give him the URL of this forum, and my username "elisavaet". I'll be happy to help as much as possible.

Peace and blessings,

Don't get me wrong i still keep in contact with him and i showed him how to start and what to buy, we are just not as close as we were before. But maybe the rift between us will be melded together soon as we all need to get back together with old friends.
04-06-2020 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by MisterBig View Post
I hope that made you feel better.
I made me feel soooo good
04-06-2020 03:37 PM
CaffeineBuzz i guess I'm not seeing why you are laughing now

even if one hasn't prepped at all, this hasn't gotten that bad
04-06-2020 02:35 PM
eleven11 I used to try and warn people as I ran a food storage business for a few years and that was my job. I got lots of grief and learned lots of things about sheeple and even worse things about so-called "survivalists/preppers/whatever you want to call yourselves now".

The thing you all need to know:

If this thing stopped tomorrow, people would go right back to laughing. Not all, but most (75%+). And they will laugh even harder at you than they do now. They are in a cargo cult of normalcy bias and they will pretend that this thing never happened as soon as they can and when you do anything to remind them how close to the abyss we were they will attack you for it. So keeping the mouth shut is the only prudent course of action.

The only way around this is if it gets real bad, like 20% fatality and depression for 5-10 years. People need a humbling, but it is looking like round one of this ain't it. Maybe the depression. Maybe a war, maybe it mutates and round II is much worse. But this ain't it yet.
04-06-2020 05:41 AM
Originally Posted by Rosebud View Post
My son used to laugh at all the exercise equipment my daughter had at home. She used it, he went to the gym. Now they are confined at home, who's laughing now!?
This is me and the wife. I had the gym membership, she built a workout room at home. I should be back home permanently this next weekend and guess who will be using her equipment?

04-05-2020 07:19 PM
Originally Posted by PurpleKitty View Post
Until they take it by force.

I shut the **** up about my preps aside from one person who helped me with rice... he called recently but we were "too busy to talk".
A proper mad scientist would be prepared for force! Admittedly it would be with a guy in a clumsy robot suit, or a cat army, or a ray gun that would destroy everything, including himself; but he'd be PREPARED!

You've got to go with these idioms...

(Tell him the water leak destroyed all your preps and you're struggling to get by)
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