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Thread: Any Bruce Lee Fans Here? Reply to Thread
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Topic Review (Newest First)
05-28-2019 01:11 PM
Jim from 28DaysLater If you want to fight with them, I think you should be asking yourself, why am I using this and not a baton, for instance. Given the issues, the complexity.

Nunchucks in my photo are both very affordable and common. One on the left is definitely a real weapon, that could give someone a medical bill, without much effort. Foam and plastic one on the right is taped just so I don't have to see a gold dragon on em- make em a little more western and less eastern, and more serious.

If you want to buy two pairs of either right away, I think the best reasons might be to have an extra, to let someone else practice with one, or to get em before the s*** hits the fan. Unless you're a great athlete who maybe does the same thing already with different weapons, I think it's going to take you quite a long time to use two simultaneously, as much as that might disappoint you. It's just really tough.

The easy way you could do it is with both chucks folded. Another way could be using the one in the primary / strong hand for whipping / distance, and keeping the one in the weak hand folded. And besides using two weapons at once, another reason to do that could just be for a backup.

I think I might prefer to have my weak hand empty, though, to have a little bit more ability for grappling.

A good headgear for the nice person who's feeding you the punches and the attacker footwork might be a cheap paintball mask with eye protection.

Don't see a reason for a lot of nunchuck vs. nunchuck sparring, because it seems like it's not a real enough situation. Guess we'll find out when SHTF. How about plastic training knife, wiffle ball bat, hollow broom handle, or others instead, though.
05-28-2019 12:02 PM
Jim from 28DaysLater Bruce is great, chucks are great.

I just think they're a little mystifying and tricky. I wonder if back in the medieval days, people only started out pretty slowly with weapons, and only gradually built up speed over a long time.

I agree that when you really fight with chucks, what you're mostly doing is probably just like the basic strikes. Best practice might be drilling or sparring against a live opponent-- for instance, if he's wearing foam gear and goggles, and / or if you're using a foam chuck. To get the distance and reaction time down.

Another great training idea could be to cross train with other weapons-- see what the technique or targeting, drilling, or what have you could add to your nunchuck technique.

I think the elaborate routines, besides showing off or for intimidation, are just for adding speed and dexterity. And if you want to work on them, you should use your foam chucks, or go slowly and very gradually learn to go faster--- over weeks, months, and years-- with your real chucks.

Another purpose for building up that much control, speed and skill could be for using your chucks in very asymmetrical situations, though, like 5 or more opponents.

Bruce Lee is great, but besides the things that people remember him for, there are a lot of other really effective and important things in martial arts.

Yeah, easy to hurt yourself with the chucks. If you're new, don't be unserious about em. Be careful and think about what you're doing!
03-20-2019 08:47 PM
Originally Posted by blunky View Post
I like his philosophy of not getting trapped by dogma. Use what works for you, and throw the rest out.

So true.

Personally I think that's really what set Bruce apart. Adaptability. Remaining rigid in any particular discipline for anything other than a match is just stupid.

In a street fight the name of the game is win. Quickly. While avoiding damage yourself.

Few managed that with the skill and grace as Bruce Lee.

This is why I think krav maga is great for beginners to martial arts. It's got a little bit of everything which if trained properly builds a solid foundation to build off.
12-31-2018 07:38 AM
Originally Posted by harbinger1972 View Post
They call me Bruce.
And don't forget Bruce Leroy.
12-31-2018 01:36 AM
harbinger1972 They call me Bruce.
12-31-2018 12:11 AM
blunky I like his philosophy of not getting trapped by dogma. Use what works for you, and throw the rest out.

12-26-2018 10:56 PM
ilgar He was a PT beast. Growing up in the 80's which boy didn't love Bruce Lee, Van Dam, Chuck, Arnold, Sly, etc.
11-21-2018 05:28 PM
Exarmyguy he was the king of martial arts and a good entertainer.
11-05-2018 04:54 PM
albertjohnson Here's a rare photo below, Arkansas. Ha, my black hickory CAME from Arkansas.

11-05-2018 12:25 PM
albertjohnson I had a fellow classmate back in the early 70's, we'll call GR, that was the only one in town that used nunchucks. He hit himself in the head a few times learning them and practicing...people laughed. But one night at a college ball game, things got out of hand and a gang of guys came at us. They had switchblades. GR whipped out his homemade chucks from his back waist, and clocked the first charger that had the blade...all in a blink of an eye. He went down, not to get back up for a while. A second guy, a slow thinker, came at GR too. BOP. Another went down, bleeding from his head. We got the hell outta there to the bus, along with bus driver who got us back home. The whole gym was in chaos. Ten minutes later, cops and ambulance showed up. Nobody ever laughed at GR again.
You can practice 15 mins a day for 2 weeks and become proficient enough with them. All that flashy stuff you see on youtube, etc, is just for show. Learn to hit and swing from any direction, any angle, any position, from under the arm, over the shoulder, and learn how to keep your follow through and swing down after a strike (so it doesn't rebound and hit you) and you've learned 98% of what you need.
11-05-2018 11:44 AM
albertjohnson So true Nimrod. I have a 6' hickory bo too. Legal to carry; look like Moses. Deadly enough.
Love the chucks, John, for the reasons you mentioned. Tuck'em in front of waist, handles up, pull, swing and strike in one motion. They are sooo outdated, and unknown by most, they are the best kept secret today; albeit illegal to carry. Super fast, silent and don't need reloading.
Jersey has it right. Dan could work them like later, could Bruce.
I've read they were made illegal by Ted K in Massachusetts, then NY, Calif., Az followed suit. Shooooot. Ted K has killed more people with his car than we have with chucks. Stupid law.
Just as a test, I cut some sugar Maple, 12" long each of the two sticks, and tried to take them thru TSA checkpoint. I had to do some charming talking and had to talk my through at 3 different checkpoints and people, but finally got them ok'd for my carry on. I was surprised. Course my story about making a foot stool out of them, hard wood, helped.
11-05-2018 10:44 AM
JerseyHomestead Rice flails, to thresh the grain. Bruce Lee was taught them by Danny Insanto,
11-05-2018 10:28 AM
johnmcd The nice thing about nunchucks is that they can be easily and quickly made if you need a weapon - all it take is a couple of pieces of wood and come paracord. They're also relatively easy to conceal. Useful if SHTF when you're in a location that makes possessing anything that could even remotely be used as a weapon illegal under normal circumstances. You obviously have to practice to gain some skill, but even the basic swings can be devastating if done right.
11-05-2018 10:15 AM
Neo nimrod A huge fan, especially of his Tao Jeet Kune Do. Was never really good with the chucks, the Sai and Bo were the weapons with which I became proficient. As I've gotten older the Jo and the Escrima have become the traditional weapons I practice. The knife and pistol get more and more work.
11-05-2018 09:13 AM
Any Bruce Lee Fans Here?

Nunchucks baby! Love these things. For home use and MA school only of course.
Homemade from black hickory. Anyone else spin?

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