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Thread: Threats specific to Florida Reply to Thread
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11-27-2018 12:46 AM
Florida Dad Older thread but here's some from my perspective.

1. Prosecutors. A criminal defense attorney on speed dial is as much prepping down here as anything. Even if you're an honest person, Florida is VERY aggressive on prosecuting folks down here but you have great tools to protect yourself if you get the right attorney. It's hard to prep without all your rights.

2. Infection. No winters to kill micro-organisms down here. I got an infection on my foot from coming into contact with a potted plant.

3. Bites from everything. Everything bites and venomous or not you can get infections from it all (See #2).

4. Drivers. I drive a big SUV primarily to increase my chances that the idiot on the road will go under me.

5. Sun. Cancer and dehydration. You'd also be surprised how bad road glare can get after a storm. I keep ANSI rated impact polarized sunglasses in the car for driving after a rain.

6. Crazy people. I tell folks WTF means "Welcome to Florida". You have everything here from cultists to addicts to scientologists. You need to develop a keen sense of situational awareness in case there's a crazy around.

7. Hurricanes are obvious but it's the smaller wind events that catch you off guard. We just had a couple hurricanes near Tampa a few weeks ago that popped up out of nowhere. Knocked out power for some folks. Half a day of no power in Florida for unprepared people means throw out all your refrigerated food.

8. Flood. Before buying a place, check its elevation on Google Earth. You want to be well above sea level.

9. Finally - and this one irritates me - limited escape routes. If you do need to get out Florida's biggest problem is there is usually only one or two roads available to take to get from one place to another. This creates massive evacuation bottlenecks. You can help this by planning alternate routes but even then your options are limited.
09-11-2018 10:25 AM
thegoat Facts (and possibly threats) of Florida:

- 25% of all Florida drivers are uninsured
- 5% of the population are illegals
- 1:5000 died due to drug overdose in FL in 2016 (that's for the entire population not just users)
- Miami's Biscayne aquifer will be overrun by salt water by 2025
- Florida has roughly 16,000,000 residents (age 21+) and has issued 14,500,000 concealed carry permits
- Florida ranked 1st in new HIV cases in 2015
- Palm Beach County has been dubbed the drug and alcohol Rehab Capital of America
- Florida has the second highest negative equity mortgages behind California.
- West Nile, Dengue Fever, and Malaria cases still show up in Florida yearly due to mosquitos and the vastness of the Everglades.
- Florida Chamber of Commerce expects the population to grow by 28% (6 Million) by 2030.
- Population density is currently 350 per sq/mi.
- 25% of Florida population is concentrated in 3 counties - Dade, Broward & Palm Beach
- Over 500 Tropical Storm/Hurricanes have hit Florida - there have only been 18 years in the past 170 that a storm did not affect Florida. Florida is the #1 affected state.
- 43,800 DUI tickets were written in 2017 in Florida.

Just to name a few...
08-17-2018 05:31 AM
cook Yep,lived in south dade at the time.I think it was the Rodney King incident that sparked it..was it that long ago?
There was only 1 reason you would see a white face in liberty city at the time...easy pickings for the cops..not sure about now.Just like every drunk driver only had"a couple'beers..everyone stopped said"I took a wrong turn"
08-16-2018 10:31 AM
Originally Posted by FALPhil View Post
Social unrest. Google "Liberty City Riots". If it ever happens again, it will be worse and more widespread due to the number of non-Americans living in Florida today.
many locations have had riots, and many more will, it's culture not location. Look at Ferguson, Baltimore, LA. Chicago seems to be a continuous ongoing riot/gang war. Most of this type of behavior is in big city, inner city areas. People outside of the cities seem to be more civilized. The riot in Miami happened in the 80s, (thirty years ago) in an area I would not have gone into to start with.
03-29-2018 09:33 PM
wootie Get a couple of hats with crowns. Cover your ears. Those baseball caps may look macho but they will not protect the top of your ears from sun cancer.
03-29-2018 09:17 AM
Soladaddy Most all of the good, high and dry land is the older towns that had the pick of the land when developing. Some exceptions are newly converted ranch land to subdivisions (which I hate). From I-4 south and maybe even SR50, give up on a bugout; just hunker down. Like others said, prep for a month of no power/food from a storm. I grew up with natives all around me and now have the UN represented in the hood.
03-09-2018 04:14 PM
maersk New york transplants......sadly ruining the state
02-18-2018 09:35 AM
AirForceVeteran But, if you love big bullfrogs, gotta go where the brackish water, full of gators, is! Seminole County!
02-18-2018 09:21 AM
AirForceVeteran Living in Seminole County 22 miles North of Orlando... Lots of private hunting areas, 4 Wildlife areas on which to hunt, Hundreds of lakes, tons of fish, life is good!
02-17-2018 08:18 AM
Fonz ^^ Very timely and wise advice from cook in light of recent events.

Avoidance is another. Of tightly packed subdivisions, of Orlando and Miami entirely, and the known snow bird congregating areas.
01-30-2018 05:05 AM
cook I'm re-reading this and will add another thing.


You will be dealing with a huge hispanic population,there is just no getting around that, its a simple fact.Not just hispanic,but from every corner of the world.

There will be things you see or hear that you don't agree with,but not much you can do about it other than leave.
There are good and bad people everywhere.
You don't have to take any BS,or change your values,but be prepared for culture shock.
01-29-2018 09:10 AM
Kalashnikov47 Hurricanes in the panhandle are likely gonna be your biggest natural threat, they seem to gravitate toward there...

Fireants aren't that big of a deal if you keep your yard under control...

Seek out less populated areas in the state, stay from large cities as they are populated with communists...

Florida is not a bad state, its hot in the summer but what place isn't? There are other states far north of FL that get hotter but our summer lasts longer, the benefit is growing season is year round...

Plus its called the sunshine state because its sunny much of the time, but Floridians call it the gunshine state...
01-29-2018 12:41 AM
Minozarkco if you are prepping, Population and low lying areas are your biggest threats. Fire ants are a big second, so i go to war with them by busting the mound on a dry day and covering with diatomaceous earth. the next day (also dry) i pour a cheap DIET soda around the diatomaceous earth. h
Half of them die, the others turn into zombies.
01-27-2018 08:02 PM
Helion "Florida man" Latin Homo Floridus,bugs, heat, humidity, hurricanes, AIDS (south beach area), snowbirds, alligators, sink holes around the brackish areas.
01-27-2018 07:54 PM
makobytes The obvious threat is hurricanes and tornadoes. Other threats include lunatics that come from other states and countries and end up in FL. doing their lunatic stuff. If you are buying a property. Make sure it is on high ground. A lot of subdivisions were built on drained swamp land and do have seasonal flooding issues. Bugging out in FL in a shtf situation is not a good option. Too many people and not enough wilderness. Also, the roads will all be gridlocked. So look for a property that you could hunker down in and wait out any societal upheavals or unpleasantness. The heat and humidity is oppressive and more dangerous than most people understand. Adjust your life style accordingly. Learn which snakes are dangerous and leave the non poisonous ones alone. Snakes in your yard help to keep down rodents and those pterodactyl size palmetto bugs that are also known as roaches. Avoid the sun! I have seen fishing friends that were Northerners that like to soak up the sun and often would have sunburns. The sun is not good for your skin and can lead to skin cancer. It is very common. Welcome to Florida!
01-27-2018 04:01 PM
IrishRifles How about the over a quarter million Puerto Rican refugee's governor Rick Scott just brought over and plans on building permanent section 8 housing for?
In reality, quadruple that number for when they bring all their family members over when they finally get settled in...
01-24-2018 02:09 PM
cook Keep the car in good shape,tires heat up quick.
01-24-2018 02:04 PM
Nomad-max Storms - as said above plan for 3 weeks not 3 days.
Heat - keep a geni WITH good supply of gas and window or portable AC plus fans. Also make sure the house is sealed up tight - no window/door gaps to leak.
Water - its wet down here - from above, below and just in the air. 90% humidity is just something to get used to.
Bugs - we have em - so will you - get a sprayer or a QUALITY service.
Mosquitoes - find a spray/wrist band/whatever that keeps your local infestation at bay. Don't have ANY standing water around you place (old tires/full flower pots/unused kiddie pools).
Snakes/gators/iguanas - learn about them because you will see them more than you think.
Druggies - same as everywhere else
Condo commandos behind the wheel - RUN!
Tourists - you will learn a new form of hate depending on where you settle down.

The rest you will have to deal with on your own
01-24-2018 01:43 PM
FALPhil Social unrest. Google "Liberty City Riots". If it ever happens again, it will be worse and more widespread due to the number of non-Americans living in Florida today.
01-24-2018 12:32 PM
ManVsLawn Sun protection is huge.

Get a couple of hats... I wear a large brimmed straw one for work but most wear ball caps.

Sunglasses. Backups for sunglasses in each vehicle and bag.

Sunscreen. I use NO-AD, high SPF, as it is cheap, and has been tested to work very well.

Lots of creepy crawlies and wildlife. Not Australia-level deadly....but still, there are some things I'd rather not encounter.
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