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Thread: Uncommon items in your pack Reply to Thread
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Topic Review (Newest First)
09-25-2019 02:22 AM
Originally Posted by gsxrac View Post
Kind of along the same lines I have bad allergies in the spring so I have an ample amount of Claratin-D 24 hour and Tylenol Sinus pills Also carry some Hydrocodone (My own prescription I had left over) and Advil in case I get hurt bad enough to need it.

Ohh yea, I added a slingshot and blowgun to my random bag items.
I've got a hollow aluminum walking staff that I think one of my blowguns might just slide right down into. I've got a shorty gun as well but, the distance isn't that great..
09-25-2019 02:16 AM
Originally Posted by bltjr1951 View Post
Again, name of thread is "UNCOMMON items in your pack".

Now if you had said watermelon sized condom, that might have been uncommon.
Maybe what's common to you is very uncommon to the next guy.

This is a great thread, take what you need, add what you can, shuffle along quietly..
09-23-2019 03:26 AM
Originally Posted by ComancheSniper View Post
I just added a towel.
I pick up golf towels at yardsales and usually they have a curtain rod clip or a carabiner on them to hang them from the golf bags. Mine rides on the outside of my pack. Much better quality that a hand towel too..
09-23-2019 03:24 AM
Originally Posted by wildthing-23 View Post
I carry a old Ronco pocket fisherman. My Grandfather gave it to me. Has a compartment in the back to store lures, weights, hooks ect... very handy largest catch to date is a 16lb. blue cat on 8 pound test, and 2 rolls of extra line for all kinds of uses one roll 8lb. the other 35lb. spider wire line.

These poles are still sold check out the Ronco web site.
I've managed to pick up a few of those at yard sales.. Awesome for putting in your pack.. Replace the line ever year so you don't lose a meal because the line is brittle.
09-23-2019 03:13 AM
kl0an [QUOTE=roro;995526]That guy was almost as loaded up as Neo from the Matrix! lol


You can get these free from bars and places like Applebee's. I don't drink, but I have a ton of these, because my friend is a bar tender at Applebee's.

Also, plastic bags tear/rip and become holy a lot easier than a crown royal bag. Plus the Crown bags have drawstrings, which can easily be attached to your belt, held by wrapping around your wrist or whatever.


Pen-gun. My grandfather was a machine shop worker and made a gun that is the same size as and looks just like a pen. You can wear it in a pocket protector, just like a normal pen, but when you push the button, instead of the ink coming out, it fires 1 shot. Could be useful if someone is attacking you & you didn't have access to anything else (ie, if they took away your backpack or you couldn't get to it)... Can be hidden very easily. Only down side is that it's only got 1 bullet & you would need to put gun powder and another bullet in it to reuse it. Also quite dangerous..... But pretty darn cool! As far as I know, it's the only one in existence. XD

They're quite illegal to own and/or carry as well. Some are actually made from pen flare launchers where you take a bold and drill it out on a drill press to .22 cal. Make sure the threads match that of the flare launcher..

A lot of archery hunters carry them in places like Florida where snakes are a problem. Load a .22 rat shot in it and pop the snake with it. If you hear someone coming, point the barrel at the ground and step on the other end to push it into the ground.

I've actually got several of them and even have one that uses aluminum shells that the flares fire out of. I've pondered reloading them with some light bird shot loads and capping them with a little hot wax to keep them together. They take a pistol primer in the base.

I carry mine in the flare mode so there's no suspicions that I'm carrying a .22 cal "zip gun".. The zip barrel and rounds of .22 are farther down in my pack..

For the flares I plan to reload, I'll probably use some ff black powder for the charge.
09-23-2019 02:48 AM
Originally Posted by bibn8rjr View Post
well I for one always have a knife on me so I dont worry about putting a small one, but I still keep a survival knife in the BOB, but everyone prolly has one in there so thats nothing special, a few things I do carry with me in there that I havent read in here is a roll of deer skin, and a roll of hemp, the deer skin is darned usefull and strong as all get out and hemp is almost as usefull (if nothing else to have somthing to randomly braid and unbraid but I prefer to use it to hang things.

also do you forget that in an emergency situation or if you family is flipin rich or some stuff like that, then there is always 18002655328

(I think thats what it is for 1800 collect)
Only one knife?!?! My keychain alone has 3 or 4 small knives on it such as Leatherman Micra (Best wire strippers ever). On my right hip, I always have my Leatherman Mutt along with an LED flashlight that has full power the first press, 3/4 power the 2nd, and flashing strobe the 3rd. They both ride in a Nite CLIP POCK-ITSģ XL UTILITY HOLSTER which also has pockets for the extra bits for my Mutt, a place to hold a Sharpie, and a couple of other small pockets.

It rides on my belt and also works well for a concealed carry holster to hide on the inside of your pants, right behind the utility holster.

My Camelbak Mule had another Mutt on the part that rides up against my back as well as a small double edged Cold Steel that rides low on the pack for easier access..
09-23-2019 02:30 AM
Originally Posted by maggie357 View Post
I carry a thimble in my sewing kit for poking that needle through the thick backpack fabric, but maybe the hemostats would be a multi-tasker. Only other thing I can think of for a thimble is a mini shotglass for a lightweight like me.
Give one of these a try. I have two or three of them, one always in my pack behind the seat in my truck.
09-23-2019 02:25 AM
Originally Posted by Fly Bridge View Post
a tin whistle or a harmonica... something to bring magic back into life - an emotional outlet and a way to bring people together
+1 on the whistle and harmonica. I even have a kids "recorder" that breaks down into 3 pieces and fits in it's own case.

See you on the trail, we'll start a hobo band..
09-23-2019 02:09 AM
Originally Posted by NothingFun View Post
Definitely! I have not been skating nearly as long, I suck at all the new school stuff, but I can truck long distances and carve up that asphalt. I skate about a 4.5m loop almost daily to stay in shape, a mixture of terrain and hills helps. I've gotten up to 22mph comfortably before the death wobbles start, and i'm sure to grow beyond that. The two people I ride with have well exceeded 35mph themselves. My skateboard has a comfortable home on top of my BOB as a must have piece of equipment for urban travel, and even out in the sticks we have paved roads so it's still pretty useful.
I carry a couple of those Razor scooters in the back of my truck. Lot easier to control for us older guys.. I DO have a sweet longboard in my shop but, it's not for hiking or camping.. My scooters are a part of my Bug Out setup in the back of my truck. I also have a one speed folding Dohan bicycle in the back of my truck. Folds down nice and small. Need to put a small collapsible basket on the handlebars so I can carry stuff. I've also got a trailer for little tykes that I've customized that I can pull behind the bike as well.

I'd like to do some modifications to lighten up my scooters as they seem to weight a decent amount but, then again, that's probably best to leave as is..
09-22-2019 07:38 AM
Originally Posted by PrincessKraken View Post
1 yard cotton broad cloth
1 yard treated navy duck cloth

Those with a sewing repair kit for large patches.
I carry one of those wooden handled sewing tools, usually used for sewing tarps and sails. One has a role of heavy cord inside and 4 different needles stored in the handle.
09-22-2019 07:35 AM
Originally Posted by Ka-bar View Post
i always carry my climbing shoes with me. incase you find yourself in a situation where you need to climb up or down a rock face. or when you just come across a rock thats beggin for you to climb . they are small and light weight. i also have my athletic tape, chalk and chalk bag. i plan on adding a few carabiners, rope and a harness when funds permit.

the tip on the broadheads and hiking stick is a great idea and will have to add that to my bag. thanks
I've seen a walking stick with a maglight on the end of it r holding items in. They take the light part off and just use the barrel and cap at the end. Great use for a maglight that doesn't work anymore.. Also works well as a weapon to whack someone on the head with..
09-22-2019 06:48 AM
Originally Posted by MarkfromMD View Post
I am in the process of wrapping all the handles on my backpack in paracord and making paracord keyfobs for things like my little maglite and some of my knives if that counts
Check out the DIY folder on this site. There are tons of ideas for all things paracord. Also, if you're in a sporting good store, check out the lacrosse racquet repair kits for the cordage they use to restring those racquets. The cord is about half as thick as 550 cord but is still very handy to use. I picked up quite a few rolls from a place called jimalax down in Phoenix, AZ for making keyfobs, bracelets, wrapping handles on everything. Good stuff..
09-22-2019 06:37 AM
Originally Posted by Grinnan Barrett View Post
I hadn't thought about the memory stick. Good thought.
Check out a website called for loading up programs you can use with your memory stick. I personally carry an old Ipod mini (I think it's called. I'ts about 1" wide, 4" long, 1/4" thick.. Has a screen on it. I've got one for 4gb worth of storage and I think the other is 16gb. Really nice feature is you can go into a library, plug it in, do what you need to do (check email, etc), unplug the drive and when you leave, no trace remains. Even keep your favorites on the Firefox portable browser on it..

The latest two I've bought were from yard sales and they were only a couple bucks a piece, loaded with music too.
09-22-2019 05:48 AM
Originally Posted by formetono View Post
I have a plastic pencil sharpener. Actually it's the kind found in with eyebrow pencils, etc. It accomodates larger "sticks." Yes, the shavings from small diameter sticks make great tinder. Also good for making weapons from sticks, kitchen tools, etc. Anything that needs a point.
and you can always touch up your eyebrows when you need to..
09-22-2019 05:47 AM
Originally Posted by BcoXO View Post
One thing I havenít seen in this thread, or any of the multitude of ďBOBĒ threads Iíve read, is a weapons cleaning kit. If TSHTF, and you are going to be out in the bush for a while, you are going to need a way to maintain your weapon. My pack kit is made of a green plastic military flare tube. It has a screw on cap with an o-ring on it, so it is nominally waterproof. I keep a set of cleaning rods, chamber and bore brush, a dental pick, a toothbrush, a small bottle of CLP, and a handkerchief for a cleaning rag. This is the same kit I take when I deploy or go out to field exercises (Iím an US Army infantry officer).

Another item is a canteen cup. Since I use military canteens mostly, I keep a metal canteen cup around it in my canteen pouch. Great for heating/boiling water, making stew in, other types of cooking, you name it.
There's a kit for cleaning that rolls up into about the side of a can of shoeshine, same 1/4 twist lid on it as well. The "rod" is flexible and rolls up inside the can with patch holders and brushes tucked in the middle. Small bottle of cleaner and you're ready to go..
09-22-2019 05:44 AM
Originally Posted by firecraft View Post
I don't think I've seen anyone post anything about binoculars. Did I miss it? Or are they too popular to make the 'uncommon' list?
O have several monoculars and one rides in my BOB all the time. I prefer monoculars because with binoculars, it always seems like the two scopes are never lined up properly. They take up less than hald the space of binoculars as well.
09-20-2019 11:36 AM
Rural Buckeye Guy Half dozen M38 can openers on 550 lanyards.
09-20-2019 11:28 AM
Bodhran777 I have a few DIY items in my pack, namely a trapping and fishing set I made myself. The fishing set is a short dowel rod that's wrapped in mono fishing line, and hooks and sinkers taped to the bare end with Scotch tape. Simple, but should work well for light fishing jobs. The snare set is another dowel wrapped in coated steel cable and crimped loops to make a noose snare. I also carry a survival card with pop-out snare locks. Additionally, I have a firebiner on the strap of my work backpack (carabiner with a flint and steel wheel like a lighter, screw driver, and line cutter). I love that little thing.
09-20-2019 10:31 AM
Originally Posted by polar_bear View Post
I recently bought one of those handwarmers where you place a bar of fuel inside then set it on fire. It works really well and if you light both sides of the fuel bar it gets really warm.
I grab those whenever I see them at garage sales. Also the little candle lanterns that take a 1" or do dia candle 3 or 4 inches long.
09-20-2019 10:23 AM
Originally Posted by Pathfinder85 View Post
I also keep a crank flashlight/radio/cell phone charger no batteries included or required.
I picked up a Craftsman style light like that a few weeks ago at a yard sale, unopened..

Has ports for charging usb and microusb items, small solar panel, am/fm radio.. All about the size of 2 packs of smokes.

I think this is the one I bought, only paid $20 for mine:
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