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Thread: Hello; New home bunker project, Sun cycles Reply to Thread
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Topic Review (Newest First)
08-07-2019 10:37 PM
Flyntsteel Hey thanks guys!!!

If you guys have any questions or objections//ideas don't be shy!

We could use all the help we can get.
It's hard to type out this stuff in a proper fashion without my deep thoughts coming forward lol

But I'm working on it.

***IF ANYONE has any real buisness experience, and is interested in trying to partner in a company, let me know.
I do not have alot of money, but I will have some. My family friend has a master's In buisness and human affairs.

I would have welding and mechanics covered entierly. And some electrical, piping, etc I do know a lot lol

Just limited. The plan/agreement would have to be legal, legitimate, and mutually agreed upon so that all parties get what they put in, in return. Nothing more, nothing less. I would still want the prices for survival homes to be customer based. Not a straight across line of prices.

It isnt all about money, either; we need more brains, equipment, etc***
I'm going to be interested in pushing this idea mucb harder within the next year probably.

08-04-2019 01:25 PM
lb0190 Welcome aboard!
07-31-2019 09:55 PM
SSGNasty Howdy and welcome from AZ
07-23-2019 10:56 AM
Flyntsteel *Design & Structural integrity*

If you do plan to build a shelter, they need to be built to withstand anything.

This includes both water, intense pressure, and solar radiation from a sunburst (As shown in the KT boundary and also on many stones in Egypt)

Pyramid shape is one of the many (8 sided pyramids may be more efficient, aka Giza) to focus electromagnetic energy.

As Ken shows in his pyramid magnet, it "funnels" the magnetic energy to the tip.
Theoretically, one might be able to use steel sheeting, but, there again.. I'm just a regular guy. With a regular job.
Not a millionare...

This helps create a shield that blocks Neutrinos (Solar radiation as known in outer space) while also being able to semi handle the ground shaking Earthquakes that can follow a pole shift event.

And like the pyramids, and Jerry stated, if you cannot anchor into bedrock then a bed can be made to "float" within it.

They recently discovered that they believe now the pyramid stones were POURED.
That means, like concrete, they use a organic conductive material that mimics natural rocks.. this carries electromagnetic energy.

Inside the pyramids are also many depictions of what they mastered and knew, such as the "light bulb" inside a guide tube....

Depending on many variables, design could be many many things. Pyramid shape, round, all depends on the person building it. And how skilled they are with force vector calculations and also accounting for solar radiation.

Sattelights could be put into space to view and detect a solar anomoly BEFORE it toasts your house.

If using one of my ideas, a very strong electromagnet charged with capacitor banks.. one could electronically create a field of influence.. theoretical.

I have NOT tested these ideas as it would cost millions of dollars I do NOT have.

Again. Many people may be totally lost here with understanding this but MANY of you aren't. Many will understand, and be able to figure out your own methods.

These events are likely cosmic. I personally think, like Bright Insight, it may be a 10th planet with a very strong density (Gravity), or, it could also be based upon something that we pass by, as we rotate around our milky way galaxy.

Whatever it is, it disrupts our core, and magnetic poles on Earth.

Square shelters aren't the best idea unless they are incredibly thick, reinforced heavily, or are round on the outside (think a square inside a circle).

Many of my simple ideas here. No one can hold anyone hand the entire way.
You must learn to use your own brain God has given you. Not everyone has these building skills or know-how. And I am aware of that.

Freebies are what's ruined this world. And that's a fact no one can dispute. Greed. Power. None of it "MEANS" anything.
Other than feeling empowered. Your money won't help you when your day comes to pass. We're all buried in a similar hole in the ground.

More to come, probably...
07-19-2019 06:30 PM
Flyntsteel All anyone can do is guess. No one has control or knows what will truly take place in these well known, and proven, events.

I believe we may still have 12+ years until any event occurs, however this is just a prediction based upon personal ways.

I am still going to be adding more as time goes on. As long as i can. Lol

Mostly will be structural building guides and/or question//answer.

It's just included in the video to give you an idea of what scientists, and many other observers, are seeing/feeling to occur based upon science and legend combined. While also giving you an idea of the how and why everything is kept in the dark like this.

1. They didn't know what to do.
2. They knew it was very serious, dangerous ****. And in the wrong hands.. just recall Hitler... And all the evil we all knew he did to innocent people including children.
All because they were "blonde hair, and blue eyed..."

That's what can happen. And even worse today had the countries not of had these programs in place.

And a ferrocell view can help you understand how the magnetic forces are twisting and turning. They can be very tricky. *

If anyone has anything to add, or questions to ask, please feel free to ask them. I'll always try my best to answer them.
07-19-2019 06:23 PM
Flyntsteel I also believe that these little Orgone filter pyramids help with health, and positive emotional energy.

They are also really neat. 😀
And are beautiful pieces of art. The secret is supposedly within the Quartz as it is a natural, conducting material.

I make these myself. That is another thing I am planning to try to add to the table for sale. Very large ones.
(5.5" at the base)

I ordered these myself from eBay. But the molds can be had for less than 20$ to make your own.

It's a strong personal belief for me; And that is why I am putting effort into explaining them.

They contain organic, and inorganic materials. People report an effect on plants, animals, and even more vivid dreams.

**EM Phase shift; Magnetic healing
Please just see video. And many of his videos are great.
*No I'm not paid for this lol*

Strong magnets are very dangerous. If you are not keen on the principles and understanding them, I would watch many other videos of his, first.

They can seriously injure, or harm you, if caught between your hand and steel, or another strong magnet.

Trust me I have a 1x3" Neodymium that has a 400lb pull.
07-19-2019 06:15 PM
Flyntsteel Back again with more information to share.

Here is a video depicting what they predict to occur again.

Trying to keep this relative to the thread.
Both channels are great. I have not looked at all the channels yet but these have a TON of information.

*Solar wind shielding-

The other option, I "THINK" May work, would be if you could either place many strong Neodymium magnets in "series" inside a wood sandwich... lol

This field disruption may be enough to redirect/deflect the neutrinos the sun always emits away from any occupants of whatever shape (preferably pyramid) 😀😀

The legend has it, that it will be floods, fire, floods, fire...etc

However both could occur. As we are currently basically due for another solar event. As well as our poles moving more and more rapidly as time goes on.

They will, eventually, snap together very hard and fast.

Here is a video that shows some of this, and is a compilation of data I believe to have authenticity. Relative to a solar Micronova event.

**I do not wish to cause distress, or instill any fear in ANYBODY. Not really, I don't.

I just have prayed and prayed, for an ability to try and make sure no ones family is left in the dark; Or left behind. And that you all have the information nessicary to protect yourselves and your families. At least on the minimum scale i can offer for FREE.

**Specific blueprints WILL be dumped freely into this thread after I collect and start drawing them**

I understand many will not be able to afford these types of shelters. And that is why, I am planning on eventually starting a construction company, doing just this.

Prices based upon the customer. Not across the board.

It's a tricky way to do it, but I am hoping to produce a base model that can withstand this for $100,000 or less.

**The pyramids in Eqypt were shelters, and healing centers for the pharoahs, and their people. They focused what was left of our magnetospheric shielding to a point in space.

This is also the 21st century. We have many advantages today, such as concrete.. different PSI mixes, and many other electronic advantages as many of the gadgets that cost a fortune in the 60s and 70s are now dirt cheap.

You do not have to believe, or take anything I am writing serious. But i do have to give it to you.

I wish everyone luck and I also hope that perhaps it does not happen so strongly.

But plan for the worst, think about the best.


People always want 'free' stuff.
Want free energy?? Solar has been around for decades. It's the closest and best thing to "free" energy as it gets.
Because nearly everyone can afford it.

You can buy $300 kits on eBay to build your own 1kW panels.
Personally I would assemble a few with kits, mount a specific way, and probably just buy Tesla Powerwalls.

If that is too expensive, I would then just look into deep cycle battery banks. You can buy many books online to help you understand electronics and basic soldering.
06-22-2019 09:46 PM
Originally Posted by Arkhangel View Post
welcome aboard!
I appreciate the welcoming.
I hope this helps everyone equally.
06-18-2019 08:32 PM
Arkhangel welcome aboard!
05-19-2019 07:31 PM
survivalebooks Hello and welcome aboard

Take care,
05-19-2019 09:38 AM
Big-D Welcome to the forum.

Sounds a lot like a movie plot I head somewhere?

Gota have some fun in this ole world

Don’t take life to seriously or your not getting out alive.
05-16-2019 02:56 AM
Hagalaz Welcome.
05-14-2019 11:50 AM
SgtBooker44 Welcome to the forum.

"Be never first, never last and never noticed. Stay safe."

The Grey Man
05-13-2019 06:30 PM
05-13-2019 02:57 PM
Wyobuckaroo48 Welcome..

Sounds like a very ambitious, interesting plan... Best thoughts I can think to apply are, location, location, location will make big difference in how achievable any plan may be.

That and start small, and work up to your ultimate goal. Remember the old saying, you can eat a whole elephant, just not at one meal.
05-13-2019 05:51 AM
Flyntsteel Hey!!

That's exactly why I came here, to hear of unaccounted for ideals! 😀

The garage would be square, it would be protected but it would go down into my house.
Ill call it a survivalist house. Lol

Many people think im crazy enough already, ill take the advice.

Yes. I think we will have increased solar wind activity as the poles continue to relocate.
Electronics will start having problems at 55%-60% F.S

As will we.

The machine isnt a tractor, its more than likely going to be built on a skidsteer frame, but have a rotary nose with center mud guide. For escape potential.

I am just going to rent a full size track hoe or a full size extend hoe for a week or two. I can dig all the hole i want with that.

It will dig slow, even, smooth tunnels in soft and mild rock. I could equip with explosive loads to be a last resort.

Its not about one object alone. Just like any space craft, it sheds weight.
Hot air ballon was either a stand alone unit, or a detachment of the machine. Again. Simple 1950s physics here.

The shield generators would utilize a ancient particular shape... that focusses energy, to create a torrordial field...just like around any strong permanent magnet. While accounting for bio-reactions.

Focused to a flat spread surface or a point in space.
Its theoretical only. Our magnetosphere blocks ours. While it is very strong, it has a very low density.

So if magnetic fields and water are the only things thatcan shield the most important things...(us) than it would be a good thing theoretically to have around.

Better than....nothing!!!!!!.....

My idea of a potential survival situation revolves around having choices inside the survivalist home.

I have another idea that may do away with the need for such a intricate digging machine.
Or even one at all.

All in building design. Cyl shape is the strongest. And most resistant to any outside forces.
Force vector wraps around instead of...well a square, as we all know.

My thoughts of earth crust displacing is likely (hopefully) not going to be as extreme as we think. But we never know.

And indeed. According to legend.. it's livable in a shorter than that time, but again, things are unpredictable.

Not to mention, different parts of the world would be drastically effect different.
It could obliterate one side and just dust the other..

The more options you have, the higher the changes you have. If you have at least 4 to 5. (1 including staying put for 1 to 2 years)

Ill have seeds.. soil.. synthetic nutes. I am also very much into anatomy as well as horticulture.

Ill keep it up to date!!

Personally my big thing that may take off for me is antenna inventions.

Then i can just build a ark to live in

Keep it coming man. I love working around problems. And as for the bedrock thing, ill just have to draw it out for ya. So you can be sure to get the idea of it. 😀

Can pictures be posted here?
05-12-2019 08:56 PM
Jerry D Young
Originally Posted by Flyntsteel View Post
Hey everyone!!
Im a enthusiast who recently took a extreme interest in current science, and past solar events and revolutions on the earth.

Goal is a dream home bunker.
I think the first thing would be to drop the bunker reference and consider the place a prepper multifunction home and shelter. There are many negative connotations for bunkers here and they usually involve decrying the idea for a multitude of reasons that have nothing to do with a prepper shelter, as opposed to an actual military bunker.

It sounds from the description that it is large enough to live in. If not, I believe I would construct it so you could.

Totally under ground and life sustainable. For short term,
For this kind of investment in money, time, and effort, I would not leave it at short-term. Mid-term at least. Say a year if the land will be relatively easy to farm, otherwise two years to get you through a year in case the first year crops are not adequate.

and several escape methods.
This is good. Very good. Most do not consider more than one main and one escape.

Im a master welder, mechanic, construction artist, and inventor.
N. Tesla Enthusiast.
Many of the skill required, especially if thinking outside the box to do some things. And I have a feeling you will.

Bunker budget is 1.5 - 3 Million.
1.5 - 2 million should be adequate for the structure and equipping it. The supplies will require the rest, and an ongoing outlay as consumables are rotated.

Enough to support 30 people (or 2 kids for 1) for up to 45 days or longer.
See above remark. You very well could need one to two years support. And there are likely to be additions through birth or necessity.

Im inventing a boring machine to bury with me.
That sounds intriguing. Is it for boring your way out, just in case, adding to the facility, or for future use? Is it an actual boring machine, flat-line digger, or excavator, or something else? (If it violates opsec do not post the info here.)

Pressure swings sustainably. Oxygen systems. Etc.
Make sure that if you do have a supplemental oxygen system to add O2 to the air in the shelter, that you also have an adequate CO2 adsorption system. Without getting rid of the CO2 all the oxygen in the world will not keep you alive.

Do the same for humidity and moisture. The body gives off a tremendous amount of moisture every day. If you have to seal in, to the point where you are adding oxygen and taking out CO2, you are going to have a humidity problem. There are several methods to do this, so it is not a real problem as long as one is aware that it must be done.

I can tank some and seperate some. The budget i am hoping will be enough to cover that.. i know its complicated.
For tankage, go with LOX. Liquid oxygen. It is about the only way to have any appreciable amount of oxygen on hand. People dependent on oxygen for life usually go with LOX if they are away from a good source of pressurized oxygen.

As large a tank as you can arrange, and as many of them as you can. It will not be easy or cheap. You will want a backup system to the primary operating system, and a backup to that. All the insulation in the world will not keep anything from reaching the ambient external temperature by itself. There must be an active system to keep the oxygen cold enough to stay liquid.

If only a section of the place will be isolated it will reduce the amounts of these supplies needed. If trying to keep the whole place pressurized without using outside air, you will need copious amounts if you ever have to shut the HVAC/Air Purification system down and close the vents.

While also of course having multiple vent systems, the boring machine will be pressure sealed and inflatable.
I am not understanding this very well. I think that it means that the machine will be safe from water encroachment, and if necessary due to major flooding of the area, it will float. Or, I suppose, it means it can operate underwater for boring in wet environments.

Really not that complicated in 2019..

Weve had them for 60 years+.

Anywho. I hope i can be a sponge here and, maybe, help someone else.
Feel free to ask me questions. Once you have enough posts you can PM me and I will give you my e-mail address. I have several documents that might apply to your project.

I have another invention that will help with solar wind, or radiation shielding, utilizing magnetic fields.
Still in the thoughts and not on paper yet.
I am extremely interested in this!

I believe we still have 25-30 years before the current pole shift occurs, that also flips our suns field, causing it to fart on us with 15% magnetosphere shielding.
Not good.
I am afraid it will occur much sooner. However, that is just a guy with a high school education looking at cycles, occurrences, history, and some other things, so do not take it without a grain of salt. It is just my opinion and yours are just as important.
All we can do is the best we can anyway.

Cheers. Flynt
I did not add the other quotes to this as there are only a couple of factors I will address.

1) Be cautious about anchoring to bedrock with a stepped design. If there is any earth movement, or bedrock movement that are not identical and occur at the same time, which is unlikely, the chances are that the structure, no matter how massively build, will fail where the part attached to the bedrock is attached to the earth supported parts.

I believe that the structure should be either vertical and attached to bedrock with attendant backfill used to reduce the stresses, or it should all be very well tied together and 'float' in the earth without connection to bedrock.

2) I would also rethink the cylindrical structure for the garage. While it will work, it is very difficult to incorporate adequate alternative exits for the mobile equipment and fixed equipment that would need to be hauled in/out. One spiral ramp is about all that can be put in.

A monolithic dome would work, with slanted access ramps. Of course, vertical lifts large enough to take the largest piece of equipment would also work with any of the designs, cylindrical, dome, or rectangular. These could be attached to the outside of the structure, with access on each floor.

3) Since you plan to have the equipment, I believe you will also stockpile quite a bit of material for use with that equipment. Even a 50'x80' area is not that big for both warehousing and working. Now, if that is two floors or more, that is a different story. So to speak.

4) That digging/boring/tunneling machine really has me fascinated. Tough (heavy) enough to dig, yet light enough to be able to fly by hot air balloon support.

5) I would go with a Bobcat Skid steer with a multitude of attachments rather than the Kabota. Although, if you cannot do a skid steer, the Kabota is the next best choice.

I have some additional ideas, especially about the Lighter-Than-Air craft, and some possible ways to incorporate Tesla tech into the various aspects of the project. Again, however, not willing to post them here.

Let me know if I can be of any assitance.

Everything is Just my opinion.
05-12-2019 06:05 AM
roseman Welcome...
05-12-2019 05:58 AM
Flyntsteel Thanks!!!

Im trying to learn how to reply on these types of forums again.

I don't have land yet, but it cant be just any land either. I have to geographically choose it related to fault lines, elevation..etc.

I have to really sit down and account for all of that. So far a few places in Oklahoma look okay (i live near tulsa now)
But i plan to move back closer to tx ok border. And hopefully get the aircraft welding job ive been trying get..😀

Its all guesses anyway. Were all gonna die eventually. I just would like my daughter whom will be prime age, to have it on her terms, if Mother Earth's story is true and going to happen again.

The current science community is not accounting for the extra Di-electric acceleration.. (ie increasing inerta as the poles that are opposite polarity)
..and what happens when magnets get close enough.......

I cannot predict the future but i believe it is going to continue to accelerate as they get closer.

The Myan were not wrong. They never said "the world would end"...
They're dead, they didnt say anyhing. We all said that.
They simply detected the anomoly that triggers the flip, in their calandar, and they were within 100 year accuracy over 12,000. Impressive.

Without going down the rabbit hole too far. I just hope all of you have stayed up to date on all the science that is undeniable.

The plan is to initate it within 1 to 2 yrs in the earth.
I currently have a great job living in my 40' camper. I have a ton of welding and construction equipment already too 😥

The funds will be spread over 10-18 years. So 1.5m really isnt that unfeasible really for a middle class guy.

The concrete structure itself, naked, the way i wanna do it would probably run 300,000 in concrete alone. Or much more depending. Steel reinforcments, in a specific way

It will be cylindrical in shape. Garage and all buried. Not in a hill. Under level ground. With ability to fit about 8 cars.

So think about the sf area of a 40x80 shop or 50x80.
The tech i wanna bring in will be the big cost. And i am aware of that.

Hence o2 systems being the second stage. First stage is proper venting.

My digging machine is rough on paper now. Estimated cost appx 100,000 or.. much less...
Not a machine that can dig 1000 mile tunnels... just one to dig about 30' through soft earth and then be able to float, or fly.

Or a secondary hot air balloon type of escape craft. To be above the ground if that was a necessity.

And really this is all primitive tech. ALL of it. You can buy damn near all of it for the right price now anyway.

Imagine what a mid sized Kubota, with say, 15,000$ in advancements for the cab could do? (That isnt my invention..)

But even for a basic one. Given enough time.. that little machine could dig you out. If you absolutly needed it to, and took your time and did it right.
05-12-2019 01:33 AM
WilliamAshley Sounds interesting.

Post up progress updates on this. Very curious to see what happens with it.

Did you already have land, if not I have two properties for sale. 1 for about $8000 and the other for about $30,000, pm me if interested.
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