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Thread: Outdated canned food ~ and Moving Reply to Thread
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Topic Review (Newest First)
12-16-2018 06:32 AM
Originally Posted by cook View Post dog was 1/21,000 percent Indian.
Was it related to a female dog from massachusetts?
12-16-2018 06:10 AM
Potawami II
Originally Posted by Karaya1 View Post
The Raviolis gave me a false since of security. I just got off the phone with the poison hot line. I ATE A CAN OF SPEGHETTI-Os from 2011.

METALLIC TASTE IN MY MOUTH TAKING A LOT OF TIME TO GO AWAY. Avoid prepping tomato based can foods if possible. Stick to Spam and Corned Beef Hash.

I do keep a fair amount of that stuff on hand, but I have two kids and they keep it rotated. If I do have some that's getting close to date the next time they have friends over that's lunch.

If you don't like the corned beef hash make it different ways. A while ago I started a thread in the recipe section to see what people add into theirs. Personally I do a lot of stirring on mine to be sure it's all crispy. Sometimes I add in a can of corn or a small can of green chilies.

Be creative I can fry a can up scramble some eggs and the kids eat it in tortillas with a couple spoonfuls of sausage gravy over it for breakfast.
12-16-2018 05:59 AM
cook dog was 1/21,000 percent Indian.
12-15-2018 07:10 PM
Originally Posted by Karaya1 View Post
I know the Corned Beef and Hash is still good, but I gave some to my dog and she ate it. (She's a Wolf). Then the next day wasn't so eager. I ate some (still good dating) and it made me want to blow chunks.
I envy you the wolf, I had a 13/16ths wolfdog.
12-15-2018 04:57 PM
Update 12/18

The Raviolis gave me a false since of security. I just got off the phone with the poison hot line. I ATE A CAN OF SPEGHETTI-Os from 2011.

METALLIC TASTE IN MY MOUTH TAKING A LOT OF TIME TO GO AWAY. Avoid prepping tomato based can foods if possible. Stick to Spam and Corned Beef Hash.

11-13-2018 04:38 AM
Potawami II Just found this so it's probably too late, but I will post anyway in case the next person wants to try it.

If you are moving and don't want to take all that stuff post it as free on Facebook buy sell and trade. A few months ago there was a somewhat local woman who posted free out dated canned goods and rice. She was having a yardsale that weekend and had out dated big jars of instant coffee for $2 also. Anyway the canned goods and rice had a list of people calling dibs almost instantly.

I wouldn't do this as a way to rotate because it certainly blows opsec, but if you are actually moving it should be a good way to get rid of the stuff without just tossing it.
11-12-2018 05:21 PM
Urgent - important

DO NOT SAVE RAMEN NOODLES AS A PREP. I thought it was BS about the oil on the noodles going rancid. I tried a pack about 8 months ago. No problem. I tried another pack tonight.

I'M GONNA FRO UP after I post this. It was definitely the noodles. Not the flavor pack. The noodles had a "funny" (not as in funny ha ha) taste to it.

Gotta run
09-23-2018 04:56 PM
Karaya1 It is kind of like buying bit coins. Much of what might go out of date in a couple of years has gone up in price. Then again, how much is it going to cost to ship it vs. rebuy it at a higher price? I'm going to eat what ever is still eatable (edible?) now and toss the rest. It's not like I have several tins of caviar.

I should have bought more dehydrated.
09-23-2018 04:41 PM
Originally Posted by Aerindel View Post
They make great rifle targets.
you and our son...we now have busted up 10 year old cans of beans in the woods...

my suggestion , whatever you do DO NOT move the stuff ( we did and regretted it, canned food doesn't taste great to start, 5 or more years out of date, forget it)
09-23-2018 04:07 PM
NCalHippie Keep what you will eat and don't buy anything that you won't eat now.

Just my opinion.
09-23-2018 03:52 PM
Cherry Picking

I invested in Moorhouse dehydrated chicken in the large cans. Those are certainly moving with me as they have a 25 (22 by now) shelf life. The water is going to be a pain, but when you have been hoarding 16 oz. cases of water for 10 years, it's going.

The canned stuff will probably end up getting tossed. About 1/3 of it is still not past its "Best by" date. Unfortunately, the stuff that's good for you (Greens etc...) are.

I'm really glad that I invested in Silver and dried Chicken back in the Obama years. I am worried that the Cats didn't want the pink Salmon. It was well canned and only a little over a year outdated. I also gave them some outdated Albacore tuna in the vacuum packs. They ate it the first day, then didn't touch it the next day.

I know the Corned Beef and Hash is still good, but I gave some to my dog and she ate it. (She's a Wolf). Then the next day wasn't so eager. I ate some (still good dating) and it made me want to blow chunks.

I do have to admit. Chef Boy Ardee Ravioli's 6 years old still taste good. (as good as canned raviolis can taste) And I thought you were supposed to avoid "acid" based food such as tomato sauce. I mixed it in with some fresh Zucchini and it tasted great. Yea, I guess I'll keep the "Spamish" food and chuck the cheap stuff. (beans, spinach, Okra, clams etc...)
09-23-2018 06:51 AM
cook I helped out at a small local food pantry,not kitchen,for a while.

It didn't matter what the wording was,but if it had a date printed on it,and it was past,then it went into the dumpster.Took away time,labor,and space to sort thru.

Other may be different,but that was my personal experience.
09-23-2018 01:02 AM
IamZeke If it is food that doesn't interest you to eat now then you probably will not look forward to it when disaster comes.

Time to cut your losses. Food pantries have basically stopped accepting out of date cans now.

About all you can do is drop off a box near a homeless settlement near the highway overpasses or dump it.

I do like the idea of using it for target practice.

Don't look at it as a total loss. Think of it more as like an insurance premium you never collected on. Who feels bad about not ever collecting on their fire insurance policy, right? The emergency food did its job standing guard over your food security.
09-23-2018 12:42 AM
Originally Posted by Aerindel View Post
...there is only so much junk I'm willing to put up with...
..Edited "anyThing" to the more Topical 'any food'..

..That said, you'll have to pry my 'lost sheep tray' ( ) ...from my cold, dead.. Only espousing Useful / tradable (or, subterfugable..) foodstuffs, herein..

..OK, back OT..
09-22-2018 11:54 PM
Reasonable Rascal Do you have the money available to immediately replace the stuff you get rid of once you move?

Are you so certain of the immediate future - a couple of months any way from what you are saying - that you are willing to take the risk, however small?

If the answers to the above don't change your plans then I would suggest going so far as to hand it out somewhere that you can find people in need. Any friends who might benefit from your largess?

We have the expired can goods thing going here as well, but we try to make the best use we can, only tossing what is obviously bad (bulged, or nasty once opened). We moved cases and cases of caned goods across the country 3 years ago. We have since been replacing as we can, but no wholesale tossing based on dates. The oldest is creamed corn purchased in 1997, BTW.

09-22-2018 11:26 PM
Still can't see actually Tossing near-anything
meh...there is only so much junk I'm willing to put up with in my life. I've had friends and family who where hoarders, I don't want to ever end up like that.
09-22-2018 11:19 PM
SoJ_51 ..Sorry, but.. I just simply cannot understand this thinking.. (..and - PS - Not 'picking on You', LC, per-se, just using your post as the 'diving board'..

Originally Posted by leadcounsel View Post
4. Trash it
Whyyyyy?? Unless you've Truly not Got the space to store it (either in the current place, or your 'new' BOL - Why trash Any food??

..Our 'policy' on way-past-date stuff is:

- If it's 'Grade B' stock that we, for whatever reason, decided Not to rotate-out / eat - but Saved, anyway (ie: Rice that's not "bad", but perhaps the mylar got a hole in it we didn't notice till it got inspected 2 yrs-out, etc) ..Well, that item is earmarked as 'Trade-Grade'... I'm Certainly not going to Trade away our Top-Grade food-stores (which, of course, Can have exceptions made-to that policy, on a case-by-case, ie: Extended Family, etc..) but.. Why Toss it? Trade it!

- 'Grade C / D', is stuff that's, say, been 'Damaged a bit', but is Still "Known-Safe", ie: a 10# bag of 'weevilized' beans, etc - nothing truly 'Unsafe' - but just not Desireable, and likely not even for Trade (..IF we want to trade with that whomever, ever again.. Or, ya know - those '500x Ramen Noodle Paks' you bought 5 yrs ago for $2... ..But even this stuff is perfect as 'Give Away Grade' - not stuff that's gonna kill anyone, per-se, but.. If certain known-people Don't prep enough, themselves, and, at some point, come begging you for help, well.. Ya don't even want to give them 'Trade Grade' stuff, in such a case..

..Yeah, you Can choose to simply take up a policy of 'SOS' but.. I think that's going to be Far easier said than done - in Some cases... ie: Say it's some 'long term crisis', where it becomes clear that there's Zero restock coming / gonna be available, and yet it's just Totally Impossible to Go to your LTS-stocked BOL, yet, so you're 'Bugging In', until conditions are more favorable to BO.. And here comes your good ol' Neighbor, and, well shoot... They Did prep, but now they've just ran out of food, and are Desperate, well.. 'SOS' isn't necessarily the best course of action, in that-case (vs, say, if it were an unknown 'Raider', etc..) so.. Guess who gets those 'weevilized Beans' and can take whatever time necessary to meticulously-clean them, should they not want the extra 'protein'..

..Of Course, all of this thinking for the 'Give Away Grade' can be adjusted on 'case-by-case', but.. Even think of the Value of it used just as 'cover-stocks'.. ie: THAT's the stuff you leave 'visible' / accessible - NOT your actual eats / LTS-stores at your BOL - so, If your perimeter defenses are somehow, 'bested' and/or you Get raided, well.. Fine, they can take That stuff, and - think - they've got all the goods, and (likely..) just leave.. And, of course - ALL - plans Can 'go awry', but.. Just seeing these options as being better than 'tossing' Any resource.. Even if it's truly "bad"..

...Which is where 'Grade M' (..for Muerte.. comes in.. This is the stock of Known-Bad canned / packaged.. and Possibly, even Intentionally tainted.. Of Course - we are ONLY talking about such-use in a WROL-scenario - and this stuff would Only be, ie: Given as spoils (literally..) to 'Raiders', who, again, Somehow best your defenses, and Demand stuff at gunpoint, etc.. 'Ok, fine - Here ya go, Antifaboi.. 12 cans of Botulism, and some nice Bottled Giardia-water... ya'll be Sure and share, now!

..And, Triple of Course, everything would Have to be properly 'coded' / known what was what, among the 'inner circle', so you don't end up poisoning your own camp, etc..

..Anyhoo, even if some consider this as 'over the top' / evil whatever.. Still can't see actually Tossing near-any food. Just sayin.. Resources are resources, and what's more, when you're in a true 'Battle-stance scenario', well...

...'Never underestimate the Power of Subterfuge'...

09-22-2018 10:58 PM
Aerindel They make great rifle targets.
09-22-2018 09:15 PM
leadcounsel I don't think pork is good for dogs. You should be very careful and informed on feeding it to them.

If it's raw, which it probably isn't if canned, it might have bad parasites. The more likely issue is that canned pork is going to be very high in sodium/salt which is DEADLY for dogs.

Just like salt isn’t the healthiest thing for humans, it’s even less healthy for dogs. Too much of it can lead to sodium ion poisoning, which may result in vomiting, diarrhea, depression, tremors, increased temperature, seizures and even death."

As for ideas, there are 4 options

1. Eat it
2. Take it with
3. Donate it (with an express agreement you're not liable) probably on a local free site like Craigslist, with full disclosure.
4. Trash it
09-22-2018 09:10 PM
MikeK Sort it and cherry pick the stuff you want to keep. Since the rest is out of date, I doubt anywhere will accept it as a donation. Basically, it's toss it or pay to have it moved. If it's past it's prime, tossing it may be the best choice.
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