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Old 03-21-2008, 01:15 AM
Ovaltine Ovaltine is offline
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Default Glock Knives

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thinking of getting a glock knife and wondering what everyone knows/thinks about them
Old 03-21-2008, 01:37 AM
Switchblade's Avatar
Switchblade Switchblade is offline
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IMHO that knife is good for fighting and not much else...
You could use it for digging and such... At least it doesn't cost a fortune!
Old 03-21-2008, 02:10 AM
highp0wer's Avatar
highp0wer highp0wer is offline
Camo? I love camo!!
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Looks pretty cool, I think they are well made being true european manufacture. I was dissappointed to see a smith and wesson knife I bought was chinese.
Hey, go to a shop that stocks them and have a hold of one, I rarely get a good knife online. Its better to go and hold it, feel the weight, see the edge it can hold, how it attaches to your belt and so on. When I buy a new knife these days, I go to the shop and try it first, then I'm always happy with the purchase.
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Old 03-22-2008, 05:27 PM
talon's Avatar
talon talon is offline
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When you get one, give us your feelings on it. I have been looking at these
(non-serrated) for kitting up non-believing family that will be coming with me.
Every adult would be issued one.
Old 03-22-2008, 10:06 PM
shibbershabber shibbershabber is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
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I have the non serrated one. It feels good and is very solid.

Holds a decent edge but it is not as nice as the KaBar. But it is still a damn good knife and I reccomend getting one...

You can never have too many, and at <$30 you cant fail.
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Old 03-23-2008, 08:02 PM
Ovaltine Ovaltine is offline
honor courage commitment
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thanks shibber, seeing as i already have a kabar i will probably hold off on the glock until i have a better kit and then treat myself to some other objects
Old 06-15-2008, 10:38 PM
rugercat45 rugercat45 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Free Republic of Tennessee
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good knife, bit thick bevel. Could use a scandi grind if you don't mind scratching the sides up, would get the best edge possible on the knife, and you can reblue the blade! I like 'em, but prefer thinner bevels with a zero-ground scandi edge, myself. But as a tough combat knife that can pry, dig, etc, without breaking or serious chipping, that's the one, without the saw back preferably, weakens it.
Old 06-16-2008, 06:10 AM
Uncas's Avatar
Uncas Uncas is offline
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I have both the plane back and saw back models and I think they are a decent knife for the money. The saw back actually works once you get all the paint to chip off and expose the saw teeth. It does not cut as quick as my SAK Trekker but it gets the job done. The blades are very thick which can make slicing difficult but not impossible. IMO they are more of a fighting knife then anything else. I wanted something inexpensive for friends to carry if necessary and they suit that role fine.
Old 06-16-2008, 12:44 PM
Semper Paratus's Avatar
Semper Paratus Semper Paratus is offline
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EEEEEhhh, Glock knives have always appeared kind of cheap to me.
Old 06-16-2008, 01:53 PM
BuckBall's Avatar
BuckBall BuckBall is offline
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Glock knives are a good throw away weapon, meaning, if you lose it, nothing to cry about. However, Glock knives are nothing more than sharpened pry bars and rust rapidly. Out of all things I like about Glock, I cannot stand their knives. As to the sheaths...takes two hands to open and are loud when placing blade back into position. To keep the blade from rusting, you must put oil on the blade, then house it back in the sheath.
Old 06-18-2008, 07:08 AM
FinnMan's Avatar
FinnMan FinnMan is offline
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Hmmm....Glock knife. As many said good if you want to knife for fighting. Very tough, my friend uses it as a throwing knife and couldn´t break it. Sheath is ugly plastic and hard to use.

If want decent knife and plastic is ok, get Mora.
If you want heavier "army" knife for chopping and other stuff go for Kabar or Ontario.
If you want a decent military knife that cuts made in Finland that your neighbour don´t have one you can go for this:

OK, price is much higher than glock, but so is the quality!
Old 08-26-2010, 03:19 PM
GlocksRock GlocksRock is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
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Originally Posted by BuckBall View Post
Glock knives are a good throw away weapon, meaning, if you lose it, nothing to cry about. However, Glock knives are nothing more than sharpened pry bars and rust rapidly. Out of all things I like about Glock, I cannot stand their knives. As to the sheaths...takes two hands to open and are loud when placing blade back into position. To keep the blade from rusting, you must put oil on the blade, then house it back in the sheath.
I view the Glock field knife as a basic, all-purpose tool, good for quick and light hacking or cutting. Prying is no problem as long you aren't trying to pry a safe open.

As to the knife rusting, I have never left mine wet long enough to find out.

As to needing TWO HANDS to get it out of the sheath, you have simply not discovered the ease of using one hand---practice, it's EASY (use your thumb on the clip, forefinger under the Guard, pulling and holding it with a deliberate short tug till the clip is cleared; works perfectly whether carried normally or inverted). With practice, just as quickly removed as any other field knife, if not quicker.

As to the "LOUD CLICK" when returning it to the sheath: SILENT return to the sheath is possible with practice.

The knife does rattle in the sheath while running. This can be prevented by simply wrapping a short piece of lanyard once or twice around the grip at the guard, which effectively silences the problem.

As stated, this is primarily a field knife, but will work also as a back-up combat knife. The knife is more than satisfactory as such, and not as a knife for slicing food or such things. Just as you dont need a 3/4-ton truck to get groceries, a field knife is meant for field chores.

Check Six
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Old 08-26-2010, 03:26 PM
PLA's Avatar
PLA PLA is offline
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Ive used Glock knives for years. They hold a good edge, they last forever and they dont cost much.

Hows it get better than that?
Old 08-27-2010, 06:52 AM
whitethronebooks whitethronebooks is offline
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I once owned one. The blade was too thick in proportion to its width and so I couldn't get a decent edge on it. Also, my knife came with a blunt tip, and so it wasn't even good for stabbing things. I loved the sheath though.
Old 08-28-2010, 07:19 AM
cruisemissile cruisemissile is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
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did I mention I love mine?
tough as nails and that's useful.
you can hack and chop to your heart's content for tough field chores.
I got the saw back and have sawed roots and such.
the sheath is brilliantly simple and effective.
one thing I'm thinking of is switching to a different nylon sheath which has a built in pouch for either a sharpener or firesteel, just for utility, just my preference.

I'm even thinking of getting another glock knife. why not.
Old 08-31-2010, 04:25 PM
Deadly x Monk's Avatar
Deadly x Monk Deadly x Monk is offline
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As has been stated before they aren't the best but I love mine. Mine took a little work to get where I like it. The edges on the tip and bottom were pretty bad but with a bit of work they sharpened up nice. For that price why not a glock knife?
Old 08-31-2010, 05:09 PM
Drkknight614's Avatar
Drkknight614 Drkknight614 is offline
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If you cant spend much more then I say go for it. Just remeber for alittle more youll get a decently better blade. Imo the glock looks very thin and has very little belly to the blade. Idk what you are planning on doing with this knife but even if its 30 dollars you may still be wasting your money if you cant use it. Looks more like a stabbing knife. Nutnfancy seems to think its an ok bar and your getting more blade then your money, but the same can be said for the ka bar...which i think has a better blade design and a better steel. Also its probably one of the most trusted and tested blades in exsitance. Itll be about double the price maybe alittle less then the glock but I think itll be worth it.
Old 09-23-2011, 12:27 PM
ktoo ktoo is offline
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Good knife. Cheap. Stands up to abuse. Sheath locks tight - so no mishaps. used in Philippine jungles - perfect.
Old 09-23-2011, 03:46 PM
ktomes_340 ktomes_340 is offline
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I have the black sawback one, myself. Not much good for anything except maybe fighting.
Old 09-24-2011, 10:23 PM
709hannah 709hannah is offline
Join Date: Nov 2010
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i have a non-sawback and i love it....but i dont like giant survival knives. i use a mora and a machete. the glock is a true field knife. use it for combat or digging in the ground. i wouldnt buy it as my 'only' knife out in the woods.

i pay $19 ...cant beat it at that price. it would make me sick to lose a $450 custom survival knife out in the woods....!

check out the destruction videos on youtube....extremely tough knife.


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