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Old 10-07-2009, 12:47 AM
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Default Best Place to Buy First Aid Supplies

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Red Flare Emergency Supplies is The Best place to buy First Aid Supplies of any sort!

From Celox, QuikClot and Israeli Bandages to Suture Kits and our huge First Aid Kits Refill Section - you will find no better price or selection anywhere on the net!

Featured Product:

SWAT-T Tactical Tourniquet

The SWAT-Tourniquet is a unique and multipurpose dressing. Its name provides a description for usage Stretch, Wrap, and Tuck, but also the communities for whom it was developed - military and civilian Special Weapons and Tactics teams. These teams operate in an environment that has a high incidence of penetrating trauma, and most (two-thirds) of preventable deaths in the operational environment are from extremity bleeding.

The SWAT-Tourniquet allows a more rapid means to control extremity bleeding and allows application higher into the groin and axilla than other tourniquets. Its ease of application is one of its greatest benefits; individuals can effectively apply it in seconds with little to no prior training. At a third of the cost and weight of other combat used tourniquets, this tourniquet should find its way forward with every tactical operator.

Weight = 95 grams or 0.21 lbs
NTOA Approved
Best of Show-SHOT Show 2009, Police Magazine
Biocompatibility tested and FDA registered
ISO 9001 Certified

Watch a video on how to use SWAT-Tourniquet
What is the SWAT-T made of? Hypo-allergenic poly-isopropylene material. Made of non-latex and can be used on any patient with extremity hemorrhaging or in need of a pressure dressing.

Read more

Best Sellers
  1. Antibiotic ointment Compare to Neosporin - single use foil pack
  2. 2400 Kcal per Ration Datrex Emergency Survival Food Bar
  3. Hydrocortisone Single Use Foil Pack Compare to Cortaid
  4. Antiseptic towelette benzalkonium chloride
  5. Electrolyte Replacement Tablets- 2 tablets per pack
  6. Insect Sting Relief Wipes, Contains 2 % Lidocaine
  7. Ibuprofen tablets compare to Motrin - 2 tablets per pack
  8. CELOX 15 gram Hemostatic Powder Packet
  9. Heatsheets BLANKET, Two Person Emergency Survival by AMK
  10. Povidone Iodine PVP wipes

See what is currently On Sale!


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