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Old 03-03-2009, 04:13 AM
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Default Glocks are for Lefties?

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Are there any lefties out there that are of the Glock persuasion? I'm thinking heavily on buying a Glock 17 or 19, but my only hangup is the magazine release. I know that the release is rather small, and I am aware that all my other handguns use an ambidextrous release, thus eliminating my affliction. Is the release tougher for lefties, or is it something that can easily be overcome with a little practice. I'm thinking that it won't be an issue with practice (seeing as I do everything else left-handed and have to adjust), but I'm just curious.

Now, I'm sure that most of you are going to tell me to wander off to a range and try it out. I can't. I'm out of the country and will be for a little while...and I might send my father in to buy the thing for me. I'm going on a little bit of faith here, but I also want to get the thing paid for and put away before Dear Leader Obama bans anything larger than a pellet gun. I'm kind of between a rock and a hard place.

I'd rather not buy another XD. I've got one in .40 and frankly love it, but I've decided that for a high capacity 9mm, Glock is the way to go. The only argument I can make in favor of the XD is the mag. release.
Old 03-03-2009, 07:43 AM
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My son is a leftie and loves his Glock. He releases the mag with his index finger and has no problem. He is almost faster than I am now at a reload.

If your not stuck on the 9mm, look at the Glock 21SF chambered in 45 ACP. You can get it with an ambidextrous mag release.
Old 03-03-2009, 09:25 AM
Herd Sniper Herd Sniper is offline
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I've shot Glocks with both hands at one time or another. I had to do that so, as an instructor, I would know what left-handed people go through with their firearms. Yes, a Glock will work for people who shoot left-handed BUT I would suggest that you think about getting an oversized or larger magazine release. I'm not sure but I think that there is a company that can modify your Glock for a leftie out on the west coast, like in Oregon. Google "left hand Glocks" and "modified Glock pistols" to see if you can find anything that might also work for you.


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