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Old 02-25-2013, 08:58 AM
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Default Amusing muzzleloader stories...

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I was just reading rachelinnys' posts in this subforum, and it got me daydreaming about dumb things I did with muzzle-loaders as a kid. Perhaps potentially dangerous, but amusing in retrospect....

When I was a kid, my dad had a (rather crappy) .45 percussion full-stock kentucky-style long rifle that he built from a cheap kit. It grouped very poorly with any load hot enough to kill deer, but we never tried shooting anything other than round ball through it. He let me hunt with it before letting me graduate on to high powered rifle cartridges. So there for a year or two, I put a lot of lead through that thing, and many an evening of grumbling and pouring boiling water down the barrel.


My ol' dad had broken the ramrod that fit under the barrel years before, and the replacement didn't fit down there. So I'd load the gun and just carry it around with the ramrod down the barrel, and pull it out when I went to sit for a spell and wait for some game.

So one day I was walking through the lower pasture, frustrated from not seeing any deer. And lo, a crow 'lighted upon a tree branch. I shouldered, cocked, and fired, just to see if I could hit it.....

.... And there went the ramrod, sailing gracefully across the pasture. I never did find it.


Another time, I was hiding in a blind I'd built down below the upper pond. Buck fever was upon me. Oh how I ached to score a nice one.

And lo, out of the bracken on the far side of the clearing stepped a wonderful buck. The widest rack I'd ever seen! And at least an 18-point, for sure! (I am sure it has probably grown by 8-10 points in the telling.)

I oh-so-quietly raised the gun over the log, taking a rest upon said log... Carefully pulled the set trigger... Took aim at the lungs and heart of my soon-to-be coat rack.... And began to squeeze the main trigger...

Now mind you, this gun threw 6" groups at 25yd. Yeah, it was pretty terrible. And the buck was at least 50yd distant.

... And the shot goes off! And I miss. Completely.

The buck just stands there. And stands there. And stands there.....


So I pour what I think is the appropriate measure down the muzzle (not using the powder measure), ram a ball home, place the percussion cap. The buck is still just standing there.

And I squeeze the trigger again.....

And find myself lying on my back in the midst of a dense cloud of smoke, still clutching the rifle. Oops.

When the smoke cleared, the buck was nowhere to be seen. I theorize that the sheer energy of that overpowered load blasted him into subatomic particles. Because surely I can't have missed twice!

(I'm just darn lucky that thing didn't blow up (the gun, I mean, not the buck!)! But it is a bit amusing in retrospect!)


Ah, the dumb things we've done as kids (or even as adults!) Surprising we're still alive, eh?

Do any of y'all have any silly muzzle-loader stories to share?
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Old 02-28-2013, 03:04 AM
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WV, those were just plain entertaining to read! I guess about the dumbest thing I have done as of yet was at a competition speed shoot with a team of three. One of the team mates being my son, so of course I need to keep a close watch on him because he's a kid right? So after about the third shot I fire and flash in the pan, no problem pick the vent, re-prime and flash. I repeat, same thing. Then I started getting this sinking feeling and dropped the ramrod down the barrel and she goes all the way past where I know it to sit at when charged. Sure enough, dryball..........
Old 02-28-2013, 03:16 AM
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Doh!!! I've done that a couple of times. Not fun to pull!


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