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Old 01-25-2012, 02:12 PM
Float Pilot Float Pilot is offline
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Default Alaskan Cold Weather Gun Lube test

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Cold Weather Firearms Lube Test.
Negative 20 to Negative 65 F.

Shooter Choice FP-10 Works very well in ARs and bolt guns, pistols. Good to-50

Terta Gun Lube
Thicker, works well on crew full auto weapons, stays on bolt carriers longer. Smells like the trunk of an old car.

Mil Issue Arctic Brake Fluid Worked well on M-2HB and M-240 at 56-65 below zero. Ate away frozen break-free

G-96 Gun treatment, spray can Comes as a spray, very light, bolts guns and pistols to -65. Does not leave a thick coat. Does not collect carbon deposits. Has a nice smell.....

Penn Synthetic Reel Oil P/N 92340 VERY, Very Fluid, Extremely slippery good to -65, can get into primers.....

G-96 synthetic Grease: Comes in a syringe pen. About the same as aircraft armorers missile rail grease. It stayed the same down to 50 below . very good for bolt rollers and other parts that might lose oil.

Marvel Mystery Oil .................... Very fluid, Very slippery good to -40 Burns off with excessive heat. Will clean lead from bores.

3 in 1 Oil Fairly fluid, somewhat slippery gums at -20

LPS-2 Fairly Fluid, somewhat slippery gums at -20

Klean-Bore Formula 3 Some separation, fairly fluid, somewhat slippery

Tri-Flow Separated, does not adhere or film on metal

Break-Free Separated, somewhat tacky and semi syrup like

Mil-Tech Thick, somewhat tacky, syrup like

Outers Gun Oil Very thick syrup. Tacky

Mil spec MIL4-46000c Lube Oil Separated, some was in thick jell state.

Rem Oil Thick jell, tacky

Boe Shield T-9 Thick Jell, tacky, leaves a waxy coating

Corrosion X HD Thick jell, tacky

Ballistol very thick jell. Separation

Exxon Elite 20-50 Syn Av Oil Very Thick, glue like

AeroShell 15-50 Semi Syn Av Oil Very thick, glue like
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Old 01-25-2012, 04:24 PM
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Denny367 Denny367 is offline
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Great info SIR! Thanks
Old 01-27-2012, 04:35 AM
AKpredator AKpredator is offline
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I have been using AR's for 24 years here in competition, hunting, plinking and as a defensive weapon. I used synthetics of several kinds for many years, mostly Birchwood Casey until a couple years ago when I went to SLIP 2000, which is excellent in hot or cold environments and is used by LEO's across the state.

Your biggest problems will be taking it out into the cold from a warm car/house and then shooting it hot. Condensation will occur and then it will freeze, possibly locking up your action, trigger, mag well and it can get in the barrel.

In the cold, protect the reciever as well as you can; mag well, sights, charging handle area, and keep snow out of the trigger mechanism; keep the dust cover closed (if you have one) and put a jimmy hat on the muzzle and use scope covers if possible.
Old 01-27-2012, 05:23 AM
Hummer's Avatar
Hummer Hummer is offline
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Please try the following:

ED's Red 1/3rd Mercon Dexron Trans Fluid, 1/3rd Mineral Spirits and 1/3rd K1 Kerosene.

Also try 0W20 Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil (if that works try 0W30 and 5W20)

In vehicles does any of the automatic trans fluids give problems? Obviously 90W gear oil is a no go.

Also try Aeroshell 33 Grease which is Grease, Aircraft Wide Temperature Range WTR on bolt carrier.

Old 01-31-2012, 02:23 PM
saskcop saskcop is offline
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Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
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I live in rural Saskatchewan. -40 is nothing in the winter and we usually get at least a full month of it (although this year it has been much nicer). Over the years I have tried just about everything in Mini14's, VZ58's and AR15's out in the cold. My experience has taught me (perhaps many of you already know this) that the AR15 tends to be much more lube sensitive in cold weather. Works great with G96 or synthetic motor oil (I have used 0w40 diesel motor oil and it works extremely well in AR's. The mini will run fine dry or with just about any lube in the cold as will my VZ58's. I have been using synthetic multi purpose grease (Castrol) on all my semis this winter with great results.
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Old 02-01-2012, 10:38 AM
Hummer's Avatar
Hummer Hummer is offline
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: We seceded first
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Have you tried the Mobil 1 synthetic grease?

Thanks for report.


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